Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Robert Borosage (e.g.)...

And the folks who think Obama's got the correct read on the financial re-regulation crisis.

Today on the CAP blog, Our Future, the normally clear-headed Borosage posted a column titled "Mugging the Common Good." In it he seeks to convince the troops of the virtues of Obama's meek "plan" to re-regulate the markets that drove the world into its current crisis. Near the top, he includes the following incredible paragraph:
"(Obama) really does believe you put everyone around a table, have a "civil conversation," find areas of agreement and move forward. He does believe that everyone—from billionaire hedge-fund operators to insurance company CEOS to conservative legislators—will in a crisis put the country first."
Which left me gasping in disbelief!

What utter, total, complete, unmitigated codswallop! If it were true, there'd be no crisis to rectify! But when has it EVER happened that the money guys looked beyond their next million dollars and cleaved to the common good?

When has that EVER happened? AMERICAN banksters--through the agency of then-Senator Prescott Bush--managed to collaborate VERY PROFITABLY with Hitler while the rest of the fucking world was at WAR with him...

Chuy, the STOOPIT!

If "thePrez" really believes that, then he's simply too simple, too naive, too trusting (or too stupid?) to govern. Hell, if he believes that, he shouldn't be left alone to bathe himself, and should have his food cut up for him...

And if Borosage really believes it, then somebody needs to shut off his keyboard. There's a nice padded room for him, somewhere.

Obama's proposals to reregulate the "finance Industrry" are just as useless and toothless as his proposals for reforming health insurance. Where's the "Glass-Steagal" replacement? Oh, yeah, it's the "public option" of the financial clean-up. Not on the table. The little Obama actually proposes is weak, feckless, ineffectual, ('self-regulation"?) and will leave the banksters with all the regulatory latitude they'll require to stimulate the NEXT bubble, and the NEXT bust, from which either Obama or the fascist who replaces him will have to bail them out, once again, by means of which the banksters can finish cleaning out the Treasury of whatever they were NOT able to pilfer this time... I hear they want to 'securitize'life insurance, next, and health insurance after that.

I know the guys in the CorpoRat media gotta pretend that there's "hope" for "change."

But do NOT peddle that limp, stinky shit expect the rest of us to buy it...

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