Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pages From The Book (PFTB): Media Coverage in Madison, etc.

Coverage Questions:

After watching this video, I was inspired to ruminate briefly on the nature of the demand by some in the "public sphere" for a return to civility.
In video by Wisconsin-based freelance writer Phil Ejercito, a large throng of protesters relentlessly heckles Republican State Senator Glenn Grothman, until he’s finally pulled away by Democratic State Rep. Bret Hulsey. As the crowd moved from fury and insults into a chant of “Peaceful! Peaceful! Peaceful!” Hulsey returned and addressed the crowd, asking them to keep it “peaceful and respectful.”

This video was published to YouTube on March 1, 2011.

Which elicited from me the following:
Fuck "Civility!" It merely caters to those who demand it. The folks with the guns talk about 'respecting' differences, like they're the "reasonable" people. It is the people WITHOUT power who are further DISEMPOWERED" by the demands of the Elite--backed by their lawyers, guns, and money--to be "respectful." Fuck "respectful," when those who demand it of me have just decided to fuck me in the ass...
But at the same time got me thinking: How much of this story does the rest of Murka get, if they mostly garner their national and international "news-bitz" from network TV, which I believe the majority still do? This put me in mind of what I recall from Grad School is a repository in which all the daily broadcasts of the "public" media are archived and catalogued, and where you could tabulate such information; so I wrote a FBud in the Radio Biz, Jim Bliekamp:
Is it at Vanderbilt? Someplace. the Newseum?

Who'll have a statistical count of the amount of coverage the Big 4 (ABC, NBC, CBS, & PBS) newscasts focused on the events in Madison WI this last week?

Imho, people with media fetishes obsess on Fox/CNN/MSNBC. To me, they're outliers (outliars, too, I guess?). The vast, gasping bulk of Middull Murk STILL gets its "news" from one or more of the "networks," innit? Do ALL the cabloids among 'em have 5 million discrete viewers/day?

Fox claims itself to be "trusted," and by its viewers I am sure it is: trusted to stoke their cultural fears and reinforce their bigotries and prejudices. Nobody with ANY intelligence "trusts" ANY media/propaganda outlet for anything, except to reflect its own self-interest, do they?
There the matter rests...

Family Matters:

I encountered a name today which piqued my interest: Cyrill Konopka, a resident of Aachen, Germany. Upon discovering him, I wrote him:
We might be Cousins:
Woody Wiqiliques Konopak March 2 at 6:23am
Es ist wir könnte entfernt in Verbindung stehend sein möglich.

Cyrill Konopka March 2 at 6:24am Report
Ich bin ein Konopka aus Deutschland :) Die Konopka Familie ist groß. Sie können scheinbar auch Deutsch.Woher kommt ihre Familie denn ?Liebe Grüße,

Woody Wiqiliques Konopak March 2 at 6:33am
Glaube Ich, wir sind ein von der eigene Familien "Konopak" im USA. Mein Grossvater's Familie aus Toledo, Ohio, im 19th Jahrhunnert kam. Die seit lange Zeit dort gewohnnt hatte...Sein Vater war ein Komponist von Musik dort. Er kam dort in die 1850s.
Auf Deutsch hab Ich nicht viel geschrieben, dieser lange Zeit. Hoffentlich, Sie kann mich genug verstehen...
The messages ended, and the discussion went to the Wall:
Cyrill Konopka: Ich würde mich der Tage gerne mal über ihre Geschichte unterhalten. Ein sehr interessanter Name :)
2 hours ago · Like

Woody Wiqiliques Konopak: Glaube Ich dass dieser Nahme (Konopka/Konopak) ist Russische, am meistens.
2 hours ago · Like

Cyrill Konopka: Ich bezog mich auf diesen Namen " Wiqiliques" Die meißten Konopka sind aus Polen. Gilt als Slesischer Uradel. Unter Napoleon gab es sogar einen General Konopka. Jan Konopka.
2 hours ago · Like

Woody Wiqiliques Konopak: Ich glaube Ich erklaren diesser Nahme besser auf English kann, wenn Sie English lesen kann.
I wanted to have my Facebook "middle name" to reflect the Wikileaks phenomena; but the "censor" in Facebook wouldn't permit it, so I tried to translate in phonetically = "Wiqi Liques"...
2 hours ago · Like

Cyrill Konopka: Ah ja ich dachte dabei an Wikileaks, interessant.
about an hour ago · Like

Woody Wiqiliques Konopak: Du (darf Ich?) hast ganz richtig gedacht!
Du (schon wider) warst im Jahre 1984 geborn, so Ich glaube, dein Eltern ungevehr meine Alter sein mussen, oder? Ich bin 65.
Ich war im Deutschland, zwischen '65-67, bei den kleines Stadt Zweibruchen stazioniert. Ist, doch, aus Aachen nichts weit, nichts?
And there for now it rests...

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