Friday, March 2, 2012

As The Cookie Crumbles: Before Your Very Eyes

Dr. Woody was shocked...SHOCKED, I tell discover, here in the all-new, hopefully changed, post-racial AMERICA, home of Americas First Black President ("AFBP," hereafter), such an egregious example of blatant judicial bias and disproportionate sentencing discrimination as this one appears to be.

Mebbe you heard about it. Tanya McDowell, (pictured here) a homeless, poor, broke, single mom in Bridgeport (Connecticut), accused of fraudulently enrolling her kindergarten-age son in a Norwalk (Conn) school and "stealing" thereby more than $15,000 in educational services from the district has pleaded (sic: "pled") guilty, and was sentenced to TWELVE years in prison.

McDowell (pictured here) attracted national attention last year when the desperate, homeless single mother tried to get the best deal she could for her child ("just like a white person," some would say), registering for school in a false address. She later was arrested and charged with larceny for placing her child in an upper-middle class school system in the tourist mecca of Norwalk, instead of the system designed for the likes of her poor, black ass in back in Bridgeport, where she belonged! (The sentence included time for admitted for possession and sale of cannabis.) Her son, now in first grade and who lives with his grandmother, thinks his mother actually stole the money. Six-year-olds lack something in the way of subtlety.

Well, McDowell (pictured here) broke the law, you'll say. She's got to pay.


But now, here's an surprisingly similar, parallel case for your consideration:

Between 2001 and 2004, then-Sen "Shitnjizm" Santorum (pictured here) enrolled FIVE of his children in the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School. Since Pennsylvania law requires school districts to pay for students who live in their district but enroll in cyber schools – and since Santorum claimed his residence was a house in Penn Hills, Allegheny County – the Penn Hills School District paid $100,000 for the Santorum children’s tuition.

Now here's the funny thing: It turns out Rick Santorum (pictured here), his wife, and their children don’t and didn't, actually live in Penn Allegheny County...or even in Pennsylvania. They actually live in a big house he owns in Leesburg, Virginia, outside DC, throughout the whole period.

So, here's the big question:

What is the difference between Tanya McDowell (pictured here) and Rick (Sen. Shitnjizm) Santorum? (pictured here)

It's right in front of your eyes...

There's links to all the pertinent stories on the blog/site.

We can talk about while we're working on our tans at the beach, hippies...PAZ!

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