Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Obotic Fantasies: The Deficit

Attention, Shopperz: 
 For some reason this stupid, fucking Obot meme keeps appearing.
It is wholly and totally misleading.
The deficit is reduced by only two means:
1) Increase revenues
2) Decreased expenditures.
Revenues haven't increased, because the Congress will not pass legislation that includes revenue-increasing features--i.e., taxes.
That means that the deficit mainly has been reduced by reductions in federal spending.
Which means: The deficit was reduced on the backs of the most vulnerable citizens, by reducing and/or cancelling services to poor, the elderly, the young, veterans, disabled people, and by attacking vital Govt. agencies like NOAA, CDC, EPA, etc.
That was and is properly called "austerity." Remember the "sequester?" It ain't OVER!
Raise your hand if you're PROUD of the reductions NOW, dickwadz! You should Be FUCKING THANKFUL, you fucking ingrates