Monday, May 9, 2011

WWH ~~ Wake'N'Bake 101: (Animals, formerly "Triumphs")

DOGS: You don't bad-mouth Pit Bull dogs around Dr. Woody. I have had one as a canine companion for 6 years. Budreaux (behaving sillily, in the foto at the top) is the Best Damn Dog I ever had.

Besides the fact that there is NO SUCH THING as a "bad dog" or a "dangerous breed" (dogs are totally the products of their environments, so if they're "bad," look to the people!) you don't bad-mouth 'em, you don't ban 'em, you don't fight 'em, you don't abuse 'em and you don't encourage crap about 'em where I am likely to be found.

The Pit Bull/Am Staff, whatever you want to call 'em, is THE "All-American dog." Remember Petey, of the Li'l Rascals, Buster Browne's dog Tighe, probably Sandy, Little Orphan Annie's dog, were all pit bulls or pit-mixed dogs. More than 40% of all mixed-breed dogs in the US are Pit-mixes somewhere along the line. They were revered as combat dogs, companion dogs and were the "nanny" dog to countless generations of folks, prior to the mid-1980s.

I have long believed that "breed-specific legislation," such that bans certain breeds (pit bulls and Rottweilers, these days), and/or permits their confiscation and destruction, are actually surrogates devised by nervous White folks in suburbs who are anxious to exclude "undesirable (brown) folks" so, being forbidden zoning and other tricks by affirmative action and other social remedies, they have hit upon the expedient of legally banning the DOGS associated with the dangerous, "urban" brigands. This sorta crap justs frosts my ass.

So when I heard, on "the Book," (Zuckerberg's Folly) that a school teacher at Osborne Park High School, in Manassas, VA, had assigned a student paper on the topic "People Should NOT Own Pit Bulls,” it set me off a little and I composed the following mild message to the school, the Asst. Principal, and all the rest of the people whose eddresses I have from the story:
To Whom It May Concern Among the Faculty and Administration:
As an educator, I understand your dilemma, and I have to hand it to you folks for creativity. Ingenious!
You couldn’t get away with assigning a paper about why students wouldn’t want a dad-gum, uppity, mebbe dangerous “NEE-grow” to move into your neighborhood, I guess, so you assign a paper demanding students supply reasons why it’s okay to exclude the dogs that are associated with the undesirable people.
Brilliant! You could give lessons…Oh, wait, you do!
Dr. Woody
If crap like this frosts your cupcakes the way it does mine, feel free to follow the links and drop the good burghers of Manassas a line.


CHICKENS: Amid the jingoistic clamor and seemingly irresistible triumphalism of the "Victory" by Barack Obama and Team Six," over Usama bin Laden, and Team Jihad-with-kids-around, there is one important detail to remember, which might be overlooked in the blood-heat of revenge:

The immutable globalist-corpoRatist-monopolist 'foreign policies' of the USofA are recognized around the world as impediments to 'progress' against the indisputable, evident and growing dangers of climate change. "We"--well, what "we" elect, anyway, and the policies "we"/they (don't) enact represent REAL dangers to the health, even, ultimately the survival, of just about everybody ELSE on the planet. That's one dilemma about claiming the moral high ground of "democracy": You then necessarily ARE responsible for the actions of those you entrust with your power (such as it is).

This was no LESS obvious to critical observers in 2000 than it is now; it is only MORE obvious now to the LESS critically inclined. So, it is possible, plausible, even, to observe the attacks on in NYC, & DC on 9/11/01 as interpret them as a reminder from one node of the rest of the world to US of what it feels like when inexplicable, uninvited, chaotic, bloody death rains from the sky?

I mean: "We've" done it all over the world, you know, since... really since we could, what, probably since 1895? The First American Imperial War against Spain? More or less. "We" flew bi-wing fighter planes against "insurgents" all over Central America. Take a look, sometime at the list of US "military" exercises and adventures carried out between 1895 and 1940 in the WESTERN hemisphere. They're collectively known as the "Banana Wars."

A hundred and sixteen years later, a couple of highly explosive chickens come home to roost, and the country goes fucking ape-shit ballistic?

What drives the Owners crazy is that "9/11" vividly showed the rest of the world that they (and, of course, "we") were NOT impregnable. That's bad form for an Empire, especially one just beginning to decline...Future historians may, in fact, decide that 9/11 actually marked the appearance of the first fatal symptom of Imperial collapse.


CAUTION? Dr. Woody must be gettin' old, cuz he wonders what all y'all who wanna "abolish" gummint think is gonna happen when you do.

How ya gonna flush the toilet? Water's a public utility--gummint; etc. And that's the easy part!

We are 350 MILLION fiercesomely well-armed, intellectually stunted, emotionally retarded, socially incompetent, spiritually delusional, murderously xenophobic, terrifyingly insular, paranoid, apocalyptic sadists. Without gummint, who'd bury ALL the bodies?

And around us in the world, there are nearly enough to 6.5 billion others of us, equally ferocious, much less well-armed, but hungrier and therefore more likely to figure THEY, and not you, have nothing to lose.

Are you UP for that? Really?


ZOMBIES! Another right-wing economic Klan has emerged to join the Kochs in the limelight of revealed public manioyuklation for private advantage. The name's De Vos, and they, like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and a fair number of incredibly wealthy ignorami, want to direct national educational policy away from the public school and locate education decisively in the private (and also the paradoxically religious) sector. So-called "charter schools" are and always have been an instrument, a lever, by which private interests wedged public money out of public schools and into private pockets.

Of course, if you view schools as instruments of indoctrination, it terribly important that you control what's being indoctrinated, too.

The REALLY wealthy people do NOTHING that does not increase either their power or their stash/horde. So do NOT be misled by rich folks' "philanthropies." Mostly it amounts to the endless endeavors by the richest folks to keep control of their wealth from beyond the grave.

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