Tuesday, May 31, 2011

WWH~~ Wake'N'Bake 101: Falsies

Call Me "Dr.Skeptical": I frankly don't think the country's awash in an epidemic of false rape complaints.

Not in a macho-fantasy, patriarchal, hyper-materialistic, militaristic/imperialistic culture like this one wherin so much of the putative "entertainment" treads so closely upon a kind of non-erotic, but still prurient pornography of murderous fantasy about violent conquest. Did you know there is a video game in which you can re-enact the Columbine massacre and try to beat the killers' scores? In such a culture, often enough, rape is regarded as a prerogative of the victor. Yet apparently there is such a "cause," sponsored by "The Innocence Project of Minnesota." Innocent men are being harrassed, their lives ruined, by lying women claiming consensual sex was, instead, forced.

I think EVERY man knows a man or men who have "overpowered" the resistance of women, or "taken advantage" of them. I knew guys, especially in the service, who bragged about it, constantly. It was like they couldn't get laid by a woman who wasn't drunk. "Rape" fantasies are some of the top-rated porn shows.

The chamber-maid who busted "the KAHN!" was empowered to turn this 60-year-old, serial-fucker in because her UNION had a clause in the contract with the hotel that protected her from reprisal if she were assaulted by a guest and reported it. (I said at the time I heard about it, that it told something about the state of the Empire when the head of the IMF was reduced to raping the Third World one woman at a time.)


This is Angel. She intervened when a bad guy attacked a Florida woman and her kid, and drove the bad guy off. Probably prevented a serious crime. The woman claims she'd never seen the dog before. This dog LOVES people.

But if she's in the room, when the cops kick in your door--which the SCROTUS last week, 8-1 fer chrissake, just made it easier for 'em to do, without a warrant, just on the aroma of weed (in poor housing porjects, anyway), the first thing the fucking cops will do is kill her (google it; it happens all the time).

I co-habitate with a Pit bull, a LARGE (80-lb), tawny-and-white, golden-eyed, pink-nosed, smiling, attentive, loving, friendly-but-protective chap named Budreaux, who is the very epitome of a "goddam good damn dog." I am a relentless breed-advocate, pit-bull-myth buster, and breed-law opponent. Do not slander or calumnize the American Staffordshire, American Pit, or any mastiff-derived dogs. They were actually bred to love (their) people.

It makes sense: you'd want eighty (plus)-pound dogs with coiled-springs in their legs, long teeth, and massive gripping power in their jaws to LIKE their people. You can train a pit (mastiff) breed to attack and/or aggress people. But you don't wanna live with the result of the extent to which you hafta abuse 'em to accomplish that.


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