Friday, May 13, 2011

WWH~~ Wake'N'Bake 101: Circus Act

Via the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, which is the slickest of the 'grass-roots' (vs. astro-turf) outfits on this beat, via The Early Show: a reminder to submit your Social Security questions for the CBS News Town Hall with President Obama (it's already too late, and probably already was by Wednesday AM, when I saw the notice). From the amount and the flow-rate of the corpoRat/State propaganda, this is setting up to be quite a D&P show. It's on the Early Show at 8 AM, EDT. Close enough to right now not to make any difference.
The quality of such questions is never particularly "pointed," although they can sound quite arcane. In previous shindigs, questions about legalizing pot predominated. But those were more or less unregulated. With CBS involved, there likely will be more "rigor" with today's calls.
Here is one of the questions NCPSSM has submitted (in advance: "Seniors already haven’t had a COLA for two years and now some in Congress want to cut Social Security again with a chained CPI. Would you support that kind of benefit cut for seniors?" Prez-O probably would answer "No." But, like most everything ELSE he's said, it would be a conditional denial, cuz he would/will certainly cave, as he has every time hitherto, to next GOPhux pressure attack, on the next debt-ceiling limit hike, or next year's budget, which looms like Ayers' Rock on the desert outback.
A questions I reckon you WON'T hear: "Will you sign legislation that makes SocSec "means-tested," which would violate the very IDEA of the program in the first place? (I doubt he'd actually answer that forthrightly even if he were to be asked.
Will you sign legislation that raises the age of retirement? "Mumble-mumble, waffle-waffle, hem-hrm, yadda yadda!"
What about this old, old chestnut: "Will you support raising the fucking Soc. Sec. earnings CAP, after which earners no longer pay Soc.Sec.? By that one expedient, raising it to, say, to $275K/yr (from ALL sources), you'd solve the whole problem of Social Security fluidity for fucking EVER.
But Prez-O is actually pretty much ambivalent about such stuff, I think. It doesn't affect him. He'll never bothered with such mundane matters, cuz he's now a "made man," with a life-time, irrevocable (unlike some) pension and complete, free care for him and Michelle. Besides, it's his JOB to alienate the citizenry, to drive people away from any 'faith' in Gummint, anyway. That's the whole purpose of the last 30 years of clusterfux in Washington and elsewhere: To alienate the people from THEIR OWN interests in self-sovereignty. The plan is to make folks so sick of Gummint that they'll HAPPILY pay MONEY for the CorpoRats to take over and stop telling everybody about how bad it is. I expect the job to be "done and dusted," as our friends in the "Home Aisles" say, about in time to install Jeb Bush, age 63, in 2016.

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