Friday, May 20, 2011

WWH~~ Wake'N'Bake 101: Dream-State

eDr. Woody doesn't wanna appear TOO melodramatic at so early an hour, but:

Courts in TWO jurisdictions, one 'local' (Indiana) and the other the Opus Dei SCROTUS, this week resumed the concerted, right-wing attacks by GOP judiciaries on the beleaguered and battered 4th Amendment, when they expanded the powers of police to enter a dwelling without a warrant. The liberties they strip from you now, in little ways and small increments, will ONLY be bought back with buckets of blood.

Do NOT be deceived.

Nothing EVER goes "back like it was." What they take from you, they intend to keep.

Tjis all started, as most of the corrosive poisons to now afflict the State did, with Ronald Reagan and the cabal of crooks, gunsels, and mountebanks who 'escorted' him into the WhiteHouse, administered his meds, and went to work for the Owners. Reagan is the futhermocker at whose now, blessedly decaying feet can be laid ALL the flaws and failing we now experience as a modern nation. He gave 'em eight years of unparalleled cover.

In the Reagan regime we find the initiation of ALL the ills that beset us now, not least of which is the carnage in Central Asia. That, and just about everything else, began with "his" (in quotes, because, as the nation's first sock-President, the name is his but the agents committed the crimes) treasonous treachery to get elected in the first place.

Most people have forgotten the never-refuted and never-convincingly-repudiated story of how GHWBush and Wm. Casey, of the CIA, went to Paris in September of 1980 to meet and negotiate with the Iranian Mullahs NOT to release the hostages until AFTER the election. In exchange, they promised (allegedly) to provide Iran weapons it needed to fight the bloody war against Saddam Hussein's Iraq, ALSO a US client-state by then. Such negotiation is EXPRESSLY forbidden by the Constitution. No one but the President may conduct binding negotiations for the USofA--even though the previously skeeviest fucker to occupy the office in the 20th century--Nixon had done the same thing, through Kissinger with the NViets in '68, to steal the war from Humphrey as an issue. Anyway, the subsequent network and mares' nest of corruption, complicity, and crime effectively sealed the fate of the USofA, forever afterwards.

Livin' the dream, innit?


LTD, Part II: The buzz again is for a constitutional amendment to repeal corporate personhood, and reverse the Citizens United v. FEC decision of 2010.

"Really?" you say? "Who thinks that's the solution?"

The nation's lovable Jewish Uncle, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, for one. On TYT this week Cenk and the gang discussed it. And I gotta tell ya: Bernie's a sweetheart, but he's just blowing smoke. There is exactly as much chance that a Constitutional Amendment undoing Citizens United will pass and enacted as there is that platinum-plated pigs will circle the WhiteHouse shitting precious gems and pissing gasoline.

Ceteris paribus (the great lie of science): History militates against success for the project, even IF all else WERE equal, which it isn't. Since the first 10 Amendments were added --under protest-- in 1789, there have been only 16 more amendments, in 220 years, more or less. Except under extreme duress ("Reconstruction," for instance, or the VietNam war, which prompted the Amendment lowering the voting age), it is a long, and ultimately USUALLY futile endeavor.

Civics lesson: to "Amend the Constitution" requires several long, difficult steps. The last one enacted (26th) had been introduced in the 18TH CENTURY! For almost 40 years, the simple, utterly inoffensive ERA has languished for the lack of the final (2 or 3) State ratifications (three quarters of the States must individually ratify--that's 38/50). There are more than a DOZEN more candidates to be #27 awaiting the inertial swing that could propel them into limbo, too.

Plus, an Amendment has to go through Congress, as well as the States. Think what that means: There, as we all know, the CorpoRats--who ferociously oppose ANY restrictions on their ability to buy elections--would CERTAINLY obstruct passage by calling in markers from the all drones and trools they've installed there for this EXACT purpose over the past 30 years to do the thing they're paid to do, and KILL it. DOA.



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