Saturday, May 28, 2011

WWH~~ Wake'N'Bake 101: CorpoRats

Dr Woody was reminded the other day of Robber-Baron Jay Gould bragging that he could hire half the working class to kill the other half. That doesn't seem so absurd, anymore, when the it appears now that he was predicting the modus operandi of the Kochs, et al, directing the polyester proles of the restless rank-and-file which are the "Tea Party" base to arise and attack the common good.


There is an understandable tendency to refrain from thinking too critically about propositions with which one feels sympathetic, or which one may fundamentally agree. So this proposal for (yet ANOTHER) Constitutional Amendment, offered by Blue-dog Dim Donald Boren (of the oligarchic Oklahoma Borens) is attractive on the face of it.
(T)he proposed amendment to the Constitution would bar a candidate for the office of U.S. Senator from accepting contributions, funds and in-kind equivalents, from individuals who do not reside in the state the candidate seeks to represent. For candidates seeking the office of Representative, Delegate, or Resident Commissioner in the U.S. House of Representatives, the amendment would prohibit those same contributions from individuals who do not reside in the Congressional district the candidate seeks to
The proposal has gained some momentum, because it seems to "make sense." And this is where healthy SKEPTICISM, in the form of close textual analysis, crops up. What it says seems specific enough, but what it doesn't say is more instructive, I think.

It doesn't say:

1) Anything about corporations, or
2) Anything about PACs, or
3) About contributions from national Parties, or
4) PACs from other politicians, or
5) Place any limitations on individual gifts, or
6) Their sources.
This is one of those "kabuki" issues. It's passage would prevent NOTHING, and would ("paradoxically!") make buying representation even easier. There is nothing to prevent employees of larger, national/international corporations from receiving gratuities from the "home office" to contribute to candidates/causes favored by the folks back at Corporat, is there?

Given the endless and relentless telos of the CorpoRats to finally and irremediably undermine the basis of the "sovereignty of the People," why is there any reason to believe that such measures conceal more than they purport to reveal?

BE SKEPTICAL, Friendz! Take NOTHING at face value that emanates from the CorpoRats' maw, or their toadies', lickspittles' and boot-licks' like Boren. I guarantee you the Koch brothers own at LEAST a 50% stake in David Boren. You cannot go ANYWHERE in Oklahoma without seeing their spoor...


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