Wednesday, August 10, 2011

As the Cookie Crumbles (8/10/11): Blame

(WWH~~8/10) The "American people" are not going to like, and are not in any way ready to hear, that the "bestest, greatest, wonderfulest, freest, richest, country in the whole world, EVAR!," is reaching the end of its run at the front.

It's not gonna go down well, but it's happening, undeniably, before our very eyes.

And so the outline of (what I've argued all along was) the actual purpose--the real reason--for having St. Barry elected in the first place is lately beginning to emerge and take its oozing shape in the discourse of the beefy, oxy-addicted cheerleader-n-chief of the Rightoid echo chamber, the reekingly feculent, cripplingly shit-encysted, vigorously Viagrized terror of Dominican pool-boys EVERYWHERE, Rush Limbaugh.

"In his blistering attack on Obama and the Democrats, Limbaugh asserted that “we have a president that’s overseeing — engineering — the decline of the American republic.”
And actually, I wish he were right. Anybody with a brain larger than that of a prawn has known for 10 years that the era of USer primacy was/is waning. China's economy is predicted to surpass that of the US in 2015-15. That will certainly be interpreted as one piece of evidence that the crown is passing to the West, again...If indeed, our economic hegemony survives THAT long, in the face of on-going challenges, the most extreme being INTERNAL! But I digress...

The difference between flying and falling is all in the landing. I wish O'Bomber were the technocrat who was put in charge to engineer the first stages of the soft-landing of the plummeting American Empire as it crashes inevitably back to the ground. I wish I thought that St. Barry were a skilled pilot, with the ability to set the country on a course that avoids the catastrophic crash and skids in on a cushion of foam.

Because it is, indeed, undeniable that the power and influence of the USer Empire is waning. It is evident in our extravagantly unsuccessful, wasteful, inglorious, bloody military adventures abroad, and in the collapse of the polity at home: where poverty accelerates, joblessness increases, hom foreclosures continue at record rates, prices grow unrestrictedly, while wages shrink and the Government pulls BACK crucial, life-preserving programs and agencies for the most vulnerable--who now amount to about 25% of the population.

Decline happens to ALL empires, everywhere. It was/is inevitable: though the SHAPE of the decline is not immutable, the fact of it is. And St. Barry is the guy chosen to 'preside' over the first, hard, "irrefudiatable" evidence of it. This was/is not an accident.

This is NOT going to be easy for the average American to confront. Exceptionalism is NOT waning; jingoism and militant nationalism are abroad on the land as seldom before. Nativism is burgeoning. The spectre that "WE'RE #2, or 3" or anything other than #1 could well spawn a backlash of international aggression by USers unwilling to concede their places in the world. They're gonna NEED a fall-guy. Obviously, if that fall-guy were a member of a despised race, and a "minority/majority" party, this would be the best outcome for the White Owners.

Barry's that designated guy.

The Empire was/is falling anyway, no matter who's nominally in charge, under the weight of its own corruption, criminality, extravagance, supply lines and intrinsic evil. But SOMEBODY's gotta be to blame. The disappointed, terrified jingos will demand it.

So the Owners tabbed our Ecru Crusader/Dims to take the rap.

This works on several levels: 1) it absolves WHITE people, 2) it absolves the GOPhux, and 3) forecloses the possibility of there EVER again being another Dim/novelty/soshulist presidential candidate. WIN-WIN-WIN!

(It should be remembered that 1) he's a smart (Constitutional scholar) fella who 2) MUST have known this going in and 3) did it ANYWAY!)

A correspondent asked: "But if he knew this going in and did it anyway 1) why not fight like hell for the people since he has nothing to lose and 2) then he's not that smart after all.

I replied: Two reasons.

(First), because he doesn't care about those causes. (He's the "pragmatist," remember, and) he was hired to do a particular job--not the least part of which is to drive the final nail into the New Deal...

(Second: It's not true that he's got nothing to lose.) He's gonna live a LONG TIME after his tenure in the WhiteHouse. He's gonna need a lotta money, rich friends, a big house, stuff like that. If he'd rebelled, he'da lost all that...

To paraphrase Upton Sinclair, it's difficult to convince someone to do the "right thing" if, by doing it, one forecloses on one's comfortable retirement.

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