Monday, August 22, 2011

Broadcast, WWH, 8/22: Zombie Philanthropists

THANKS, Winston, and, from the High Chihuahuan desert, "Hola" hippies, everywhere!!

Mega/multi/billionaire Warren Buffet made news last week when he declared it was time that the Gummint stopped "coddling"--his word--the wealthy, and taxed them at the same rates that they impose on lesser mortals, such as his own 'hired help."

For which, Buffett won torrents of praise...

Woody sez:

CODS---WALLOP! It's gob-smackingly astonishing that so many are SO credulous as to ALWAYS fall for this corpoRatist excrement!

Because, of course, not Buffett, not Gates, not Jobs, not a single ONE of that top 14 Hundred "Big Money Guys" is in SLIGHTEST FUCKING DANGER of having his taxes raised one red cent. And they know it.

Sitting pretty like they do, it's easy to talk shit. Meanwhile, Buffett, Gates, Jobs and the rest are doing and have done EVERYTHING possible to ensure that not ONE fucking PENNY of their vast, bloodied fortunes EVER returns to the general treasury of the American people from whom they took it..

Instead, they devise elaborate bequeathments to distribute their billions to convivial, "private" (corporate) "charities," where their plans will be accomplished even AFTER the fuckers return to the corruption that our common essence.

They're vampire capitalists, who turn into "zombie" philanthropists.

If Buffett, et al., are really serious about supporting the Republic, let 'em assemble a coalition of willing billionaires, redirect their lobbyists, buy some Senators, oust Murdoch from Fox and, like the feller sez: git 'er done...Otherwise, they're just blowing smoke out their asses, and up ours.

And on that happy note, hasta luego, hippies, and back to Winston Smith in Hippie Central...

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