Sunday, August 28, 2011

As The Cookie Crumbles (WWH, 8/27): Decoys

(WWH, 8/27/11)President O'Bomber's proposed "payroll tax-cuts" for the poor are "Trojans" (no, not condoms, it's a classical reference). Trojans, like those beguiling messages on Facebook inviting you to see what the girls' father saw, or watch the spider inside someone's gut, but which disguise a virus or a cookie or some OTHER malign, parasitic device.

Here's how this trojan attack works: Under the INTENTIONALLY misleading rhetorical disguise of "relieving the crushing burden" and "putting more money back" in the hands of low-wage earners, by "reducing payroll" (NOT "income") taxes," Obummer is stealthily following his orders from the Oiligarchs to finish off the New Deal safety net by attacking this "entitlement" with the death of a HUNDRED million cuts, $16-20 dollars at a time, each week. Reducing the SS withholding from around 6% to around 4% is a significant reduction but a pitiful raise, considering what it's buying. And it is inflicted on EVERY paycheck.

So, despite what you may hear to the contrary, the "payroll" tax reductions--the so-called "tax holidays"--are actually a stealth attack on Social Security. That's because every dollar of FICA NOT collected weakens the whole system, by shortening its viable life-span. By reducing the amount going into the fund, he attacks and undercuts the long-term viability of the program.

Do NOT forget: The Sainted O'Bummer HIMSELF initiated this plan of attack back LAST year, when "negotiating" with the GOPhux on the bushevik tax cuts for the wealthy. He's now following up with a proposal that--if you're not paying attention, or are easily gulled--SEEMS to be pro-working people, but which in fact works to further impoverish and immiserate them (US!)...

Remember that George, "the Chimperor," Bush tried to do it, by privatizing the fund, in 2004/05, and failed. But Bush had the disadvantage of being a RICH WHITE FUCKER and the Dims fought it off, even with minorities in BOTH Houses. St. Barry's plan is much more audacious, if slower acting. But he's the ONLY one who could bring it off..

President O'Bomber came to the Office with the (tacit, but well-understood) brief from the folks whom George Carlin called "the Owners" that he should use his status and stature as "Murka's FIRST BLACK President" to accomplish things they--the Owners--had been trying unsuccessfully to accomplish for 50 years: namely, and finally, to kill off Social Security and the rest of the old New Deal safety net. He was the "chosen one," because--as they learned to their discomfiture since the '60s-- ONLY the "FIRST BLACK" president COULD carry it off.

Remember, hippies: The Social Security Trust Fund is the LARGEST pool of capital in the WORLD which is NOT dedicated to the enrichment of the oiligarchs, the OWNERS. And they want it...Ohhhhh, how they want it. Think "Precious." It looks from here like they're going to get it...

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