Tuesday, August 23, 2011

As the Cookie Crumbles: Cat-Food

The Catfood Commission! YES! It was, in fact, the 'defining moment," when he VOLUNTARILY accepted the GOPhux CorpoRat frame, when he accepted their "meme," conceded to THEIR logic and politics, refused to boldly assert one of his own in the arena where he SHOULD have been concentrating from the start (but didn't because--I think--he wanted to use his mandate to cement his legacy, with one big victory...which, sadly, wasn't).

No. Really! That was the last moment it was plausible to continue to believe him.

Mebbe you didn't get it when, during the campaign, O'Bombster allowed as how his model president was Reagan, and that he detested the 'excesses' of the '60s and '70--though you probably should have recalled that that epoch included the successful culmination of the civil rights era, and King's turn against colonialist wars.

Mebbe you didn't notice when the overwhelming majority of his "(Dis)appointments" were either carry-overs from the Bushevik era, or loyal shield-bearers for actively anti-democratic, corpoRat interests with globally hegemonic aspirations, and the willingness and apparently the power to invoke the "national" interest to their corpoRat battles.

I dunno how, but I suppose it's possible that you were in a combat-zone (not all that rare, these days) and did not witness the catastrophe that was his "negotiation" on reforming the health-care insurance industry, when before the opening press-releases hadn't even been traded, he collapsed on single-payer, and in short order gave away the public option and medicare-for-all on succeeding days, without the GOPhux having had so much as to breathe heavily?

And if you're enjoying flying remotely controlled, combat drones carrying both bombs and missiles, against essentially helpless people who may or may not be even alleged enemies, and watching from the on-board, real-time camera as the bodies fall--men, women, children, animals, it doesn't matter; or if you are making money off that enterprise in soome other way, as are STILL 10,000 private/corpoRat contractors in the Iraq/AfPak combat zone, this is a pretty good time: promotion on the horizon, or a new generation of drones, and operations along the US/Mexico border, in store. Future's so bright, ya gotta wear shades.

And then the Cat Food Commission. By then, it was (or should have been) impossible NOT to notice that O'Bummer's negotiating style was ALWAYS to assume a position of weakness and then give shit away, like he had no choice. HE put entitlements on the table, and HE did it in the discourse of "deficits" and "debt." If there's EVER been a clearer case of carrying the corpoRatists water, against the interests of the people, and their general well-being, I am not aware of it.

So you wouldn't have paid attention when, in caving in on the Bushevik tax cuts last year, he somehow neglected to wring even the faintest concession from the Owner's ass-clowns in the GOP on forthcoming budget and deficit arrangements. It wasn't like brain surgeons were needed to assess the situation. Some pimply reporter from a blog asked him about that at a press conference, and if even then the fucking light didn't go on, then probably...

you probably shouldn't be allowed to drive motorized vehicles, have matches, or breed.

No "Obama-hater" I, but a relentless critic of CorpoRatism, in any garb, pigmentation, or affiliation.

I have always opposed Obama, regarding him all along as what he has unmistakably demonstrated himself to have been: A malleable, plausible sockpuppet for Wall Street banksters, the USC0Commerce, and the globalist, CorpoRAT hegemons.

I object only--but utterly--to the pretense that he is ANYTHING BUT the direct heir of Ronald Reagan.

He's standing on our shoulders, shitting on our heads.

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