Tuesday, August 16, 2011

As The Cookie Crumbles (WWH, 8/12): Progress

(WWH, 8/12/11) Yer ol' Perfesser hates to disagree with someone so thoughtful and persuasive as Captain Compromise, Prez. Barry, but, except in the most trivial sense, he be blowing smoke up your asses when he proclaims: 'The future is going to be determined' by the 2012 election."

No, actually, it's not. For all practical purposes, and absent the specificities which only the instant moment can provide: still, the rough outlines of the "future"--administratively, bureaucratically, politically, economically, socially--are already in place, and we can say with complete, total, undeniable assurance: if you are not 'wealthy'--if you're not among the top 2-5%--your life will be grow ever more desperate, and unpleasant, and brutal, as the President and his myrmidons hand ever more of the "commons" and the 'people's treasure' over to the parasites, privateers and pirates at the top of the privatization pyramid.

Nothing but the names will change. There will be NO--well, trivial, like 'new 'apps'--improvements; there will be no "human" progress; there will be no "world peace," no global prosperity, no conquest of hunger. The USer Empire will spend its last bounty to preserve its external, global, military dominance, to keep up the appearances. It's not good for Empires to decline too publically. It makes 'em look weak and, typically, they've alienated enough folks that looking weak isn't a particularly useful strategy.

And the "people" of the Empire will pay with their personal and social peace, security, safety, and comfort. Inevitably.

So, the wars will roll on incessantly, even if the ostensible CAUSES for them (water, instead of oil; crop-lands, rare-earth, etc) may be altered by circumstance. The human and the rest of the biological lifeworld will continue to be degraded by the irresponsible and increasingly desperate exploitation of raw materials in the maddened scramble for "cheap" energy. The last of the 'top predators' will be extinguished--civilized man can abide NO competition. Diversity in the biosphere will degrade and eventually disappear. The 'consumer' mono-culture will spread, infecting everything it touches...until it's nemesis evolves, as they always do: the Super-bug.

That's what's going to happen, no matter WHO the fuck bears the title of "President." But the GOPhux don't want their names on it.

On a related note: "The real goal of the GOP is not to fix the economy or drive down the debt or create jobs, but to make Obama a one-term president."

That's what they say,

...but do they mean it? I don't think they don't mean it. Oh, rhetorically, yeah, they've got to say it. But the GOPhux aren't stupid. They KNOW they NEED O'bomber to have another term. He's going to need that time to soak up the rest of the shit that's been left lying around stinkin' up the place since Reagan soiled his last dependz.

St. Barry, the Compromiser, is fuukin GREAT for the GOPhux; they get everything from him they want and they get to say THEY made the compromises. He's the best President the T-jihadists could ever want.

This reminds me of '08, and McCain/Palin. Putting Palin on the ticket with Bombin' John, the ship-killer, was a signal. It signalled that the GOPhux campaign from thence forth was going to be a charade. It signalled they were throwing it to the Dims.

If the GOPhux really wanted it in '12, they'd have some kind of half-way plausible, 'electable' candidate. There'd be a candidate they could steal it for: Jeb Bush, for example. They don't, so they don't. O'Bomber's safe as a drone pilot on a combat mission.

Nobody'd believe the Murkin people were stupid enough to 'elect' Bachmann, Palin, Gingrich, even Mittens, or any of the rest of the Clown Car. But watch who they run in '16, when O'Bomber retires (as the most reviled ex-President ever) to join the All-Murkin Pantheon with JFK, RFK, FDR, AND MLK...


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