Saturday, August 13, 2011

WWH ~~ Radio Rant: (FTIWP-MM)

The single biggest, MOST influential voting bloc in the country is that bloc of "Frightened, Threatened, Insecure White People (Mostly Males)" (the "FTIWP-MM").

You can spot 'em, easy: their FURY (at the diminishment of their privilege), their RESENTMENT (at the "inferiors" who would replace them), and their stark, crawling FEAR (that they'll someday be subjected to the same treatment they meted out when they had power).

Candidates who play to/prey upon those factors will dominate the political arena for AT LEAST as long as the FTIWP-MM retain the demographic/ numerical and(it goes without saying) their economic advantages...I give 'em about 50 years...

Against this backdrop, we have the President slightly disingenuously declaring that there is "something wrong" with our politics?"

Waddaya think? Might it be that the President, elected in near-veneration as a "Democrat," steadfastly refuses to govern as even a NOMINAL "Democrat" might/could be expected to govern;
refuses to announce or propose "Democratic" programs,
refuses to defend core "Democratic" principles--
or ANY "principles" really, other than the tired litanies of CorpoRat obeisance: globalism, and so-called "Free trade."

For there to be a functioning "two-party system," no matter how flaccid and weak, still it requires there to be (wait for it) ........TWO FUCKING PARTIES: The President's party and the party of the loyal opposition.

So, when did the President CEASE to be the chief spokesperson, the veritable VOICE of their party? The Chimperor Bush was the unabashed leader of the GOPhux, the cheerleader for the Party line. Without Obama's voice, the DIMs have no voice.

Where there is only one functioning "party," and an ostensible "leader" who remains neutral, and "above the fray," there is craven dereliction and rejection of founding principles they swear to uphold; and it is of THAT that I think President Obama stands indicted by his every compromising (and compromised) breath..

On that happy note, Hasta luego, hippies...and back to you, Winston...

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