Wednesday, March 7, 2012

As the Cookie Crumbles (3/8/12): Bums' Rush..

Ol' Dr. Woody's been aware of, dismayed by, and wary of the "attractions" of Rush Limbaugh since about 1986, when I first heard him in syndication on a talk radio station in Baton Rouge. Reagan changed the Fairness Doctrine to allow Rush and his ilk to propogate and (as you'd expect, if you understood "public relations" the way Bernays, Lippmann, Hitler, and Goebbels did) with predictable consequences.

Rush has been rebuked before, and survived quite nicely, thanks. But lotsa folks are apparently now expecting the furor over Rush Limbaugh's "intemporate"--that is, calculatedly offensive, deeply stupid, and criminally uninformed--comments about women's reproductive rights, contraception and birth control pills to have some restraining and/or "negative" effect on him and/or his broadcasts.

NAGAHAPUN, folks. Rush-bo's place on the dial is secure. A few--hell, even a few divisions of--righteously infuriated women aren't gonna matter.

No, really.

The whole, entire, female population of the USofA could be incensed, infuriated, disgusted, and revulsed by the odious pig-man, and it wouldn't make SHIT for difference...

Just as millions of women are (rightfully and righteously) pissed at Rush, and it won't matter...Why not, you demand!

Well, sadly, because his audience is NOT among "women." his audience is that vast, malignant, sweating, stinking, farting company of very angry, frustrated, often misogynist, WHITE males, 18-75.

We could call them, for want of a better term, the Ditto-DICKHEADS!:

It's a HUGE demographic--the largest, wealthiest, most influential in the land, and it won't be affected by his "sexism." Unless to laugh heartily, and to enjoy the spectacle of the women fuming.

Indeed, The Ditto-Dickheads celebrate it. They relish it. They revel in it.


He says--out loud, on the radio, in public--what they CAN'T say anywhere anymore without opprobrium falling on 'em.

But, you say, what about Glenn Beck? "We" got rid of him, dinwe?

Beck was a whole 'nother issue: A wackloon crank. His was the "TEA-BAGGER" demographic which, though substantial, is only one WING of the larger Ditto-DICKHEAD contingent.

Rush, on the other hand, is "mainstream."

I know you don't wanna hear it, but they're not at ALL comparable.

Rush is the essential, distilled spirit of whit males angry cuz they can't say the N-word or the SP-word, or the CH-word and the C-word for women, anymore, and they RESENT it, goddam it!

Beck's maybe the voice of the tea-party loon-o-sphere...

But Rushbo's the SOUL of White/Murkin resentment.

He is very, very, very, very, very popular among the patriotic proles who compose the "other" ranks of our military. They believe he is "one of them," pylonidal cysts, Section 8, and everything. and

And, with his attitudes about women and rape and brutality, he probably IS closer to the ingrained, ineradicable military attitudes about women than to civilian ones...

Semper FI, Rush, baby!

The MOST objectionable thing about Rush's invulnerability is that he is on AFRTS, and is therefore supported by USer tax dollars to spew his bile and vitriol TO USer troops (as well as, embarrassingly, anyone else with a radio in the vicinity of an AFRTS broadcast facility.

Did I mention that Rush is VERY-VERY-VERY-VERY-VERY popular among the "troops." Ever since being installed on Armed Forces radio, by the Chimperor, early in his regime, his audience among military listeners is just as avid as his civilian admirers, if not even more so, given Rush's bathetic, exceptionalistic "patriotism," and the general level of ILL-education among the troops...

But Rush won't depart AFRTS anytime soon, either. For the same reasons he'll persist on Clear Channel: A significant number of drooling drones, troglodytes and knuckle-draggers want to hear what he says, and feel that he speaks for them. If that don't make you quake a little, I dunno what will.

Demographics will eventually prevail. Rush will die (the sudden, welcome, but unexpected decease of Andrew Breitbart last week gives me hope), and the rest of the Angry White Males will slowly pass from the scene (unless there is a physical catastrophe of unimagineable scope which acts more suddenly).

A NEW--female, non-white, i.e.--demographic will eventually emerge. That demo MAY even prevail, in 50 or so years, when--absent that aforementioned catastrophe--the actual NUMBERS flip a bit.

But not until then, I'm pretty sure...

The AWM demographic (which includes a LOT of their wives and children) will provide the direction of the USer culture for another generation or two...and will only GRADUALLY fade...

Like they usta say in the war: "Sorry 'bou' dat..."

We can commiserate--and await the inevitable tsunami--at the beach, hippies...

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