Monday, March 26, 2012

Dr. Woody's Fabulous, Fascinating Factoid, # 5: Sex Is Sex Is Sex Is Sex Is...

In Which Y'r Ob'd't S'v't observes that, yes, in fact, humans are the only species capable of homosexuality since we're the only species with a word for it.

Every now and then on Facebook or some other forum, some good-hearted and well-meaning soul will post one of those provocative proclamations endorsing tolerance for gay people with the assertion that, really, "MORE THAN 400 species practice homosexuality."

I don't have a dog in this fight, but it got me thinking, cuz I do have a dog; have had lots of 'em, and I gotta conclude: Well, NOT EXACTLY...
Actually there is only ONE species which does.

That's us. No. Really! Dogs don't see a couple of male dogs humping and go all "Ewww, Fag-dogs!" do they? No, they don't. Only humans do that

"Homosexuality" is a word.

Afaik, humans are the only species known for using words. Thus, humans are--at least as far as we can discern--the only species to practice "homosexuality."

No other species knows what the fuck "homosexuality" means. So WE are the ONLY species which CAN 'disapprove of' it...

I can tell Budreaux, the pit-bull, that humping the the neighbor's dog looks "gay," but he doesn't know or care what the HELL I'm talking about; he just smiles and keeps on humpin!--not that he humps every dog he sees, either, by the way. Just sayin!

But the point is, to all the rest of them, them other 399 species--or however many there are--among members of which occasions of same-gender sexual encounters have been recorded, what we herald or deride or even just describe--in those seven intriguing syllables, and 13 letters, complete with neologisms, and acronyms, and all the rest? GAY! LESBIAN! HOMO!@ etc...???

To the other 399 species who do it, it's just sex.

No, really.


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