Monday, March 5, 2012

As The Cookie Crumbles: Sir Barry, Item-ized

This graphic just pisses me the fuck off. It's the SMUGNESS of the unctuous flunkies that just get RIGHT UP my backside.

It's another of theose over-heated, over-wrought, overstated paeans promulgated by those O'bots who think St. Barry, the Timid, America's First Black president, doesn't get the credit he deserves for his accomplishments.

But this list is, at BEST, composed of half- and third- and even quarter-truths?
Item: Both the claimed health care and financial regulation "reforms" are basically bandages on sucking chest wounds.
Item: Why is turning the world against Iran a good thing? For whom?
Item: Same with "three new trade agreements? That's GOOD? For whom? Usually it just means more USer jobs and industries going overseas.
Item: I'm not sure that I'd BRAG about firing thousands of federal workers ('reducing govt') in the teeth of the worst economic times in modern memory.
Item: Why is he PROUD of deporting more immigrants?
Item: Why are FEWER federal regulations on binness and industry a GOOD thing? Again I ask, for whom?
Item: With Europe and the Euro teetering on the very brink of catastrophe, isn't it a bit of a stretch toi claim he "saved" the world economy?
Item: I don't think I'd brag about killing off foreign leaders and destabilizing their countries, either.
Now, in fairness, I'll grant that he has accomplished a few things for us. But what the fuck: We PAY him more than half a million dollars a fucking year to do things for us. But now here's a few things Woody DIDN'T do the first three years at my last job:
Item: I didn't send drone bombers into Central Asia to indiscriminately kill brown people who were not and could not possibly pose any threat to the country.
Item: In the wake of the worst oil-spill disaster in history in US waters, I doidn't okay MORE drilling in coastal waters.
Item: Judging the catastrophe of the destroyed Nukes in Japan, I did NOT authorize MORE nuclear plants be started.
Item: I didn't foment bloody revolution in a stable, settled country and overthrow their elected leader.
Item: I did NOT propose the nation increase reliance on "clean coal."
Item:I didn't buckle to a large campaign contributor and let British Petroleum scam the people of the Gulf into thinking the spill was 'repaired," when all it was was disguised. Yeah, no tax-payers money was exended. But the Clean-up wasn't worth a shit, either; ask ANYBODY on the water down there.
Item: I did NOT appoint virtually the WHOLE (largely failed) economic team of my predecessor--which was mainly responsible for the largest criminal clusterfuck in HISTORY to the same positions in my administration.
Item: I didn't broker the reduction of vital revenues necessary to preserve and maintain Social Security.
Item: I didn't put MONSANTO executives in charge of the Agriculture Dept.
Item: I didn't put charter-school privatizers in charge of the Education Department.
Item: I didn't put a cattle-rancher with mining claims in charge of the Interior Dept.
Item: I didn't give the larcenous, mortgage bankers a mil-on-the-dollar wrist slap for ass-fucking MILLIONS of consumers for their mortgages.
Oh, and he quit smoking? Big Whoop! Do that on your own time, cully!~

I'm sure you can add more, hippies... Feel free to contribute your own when I see you at the beach, hippies....

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