Monday, March 12, 2012

Dr. Woody's Fascinating Factoid #2: The US Chamber Of Commerce Isn't

Hola, hippies. Guess what!@ It's TIME for Dr. Woody's Fabulous Factoid, Number TWO: The US Chamber of Commerce Really ISN'T!

It's worth remembering:

The US Chamber of Commerce is a privately owned, international business lobbying corporation. Nothing "more." It has no State patent. It possesses no MORE authority to speak for, to, or about the USofA, nor to represent it's people, than would a sing-bird vendor in Kowloon!

Yes it is hugely powerful. So powerful, in fact, that it probably changed the course of USer history. With the adoption and application of the advice proffered to it by THEN shrewd tobacco lawyer, and soon-to-be-Supreme Court Justice Lewis Powell, the Chamber became the most powerful "institution" in the COUNTRY that was NOT officially or constitutionally PART of the actual government.

Look up The Powell Memorandum. It changed EVERYTHING! In 1972...THAT's how long this "business coup" has been has been running.

The USCoC should be forced to register as an agent of foreign governments, except that it is an agent for what are essentially non-government, global, financial interests, which it does whilst maintaining the subterfuge, facade and pretense, with its moniker, that it's just like home-town America.

It AIN'T, Hippies. No way. Any questions, tell me when I see you at the beazch...

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