Wednesday, March 14, 2012

ATCC: In Re, Rush--Redux

G'day, hippies. Paz en nuestro barrio! With your indulgence, I shall return, just this one last time, the the Stain Of Slimeball.

Folks in the leftie blogosphere are feeling triumphal over the travails of Rush Limbaugh with his advertizers, in the wake of Rushbo's studiedly intemperate remarks about Sandra Fluke, birth control, and women in general.

It is true that "national," high-recognition names are dropping off the program logs. But national advertizers fleeing Limbaugh's rhetorical execrescences does NOT, in my always humble estimation, betoken an impending danger to Rush's perfusion in and domination of THAT market.

In the first place, there are HUNDREDS of advertizers ready and willing to step right up to fill eht empty air. I read that the "Hook-up"/dial-up adultery site, Ashley Madison, was willing to buy up all the national space that comes available.

But the REAL bread and butter is the LOCAL ads. Our local shitball/righturd outlet, (Clear-Channel, KKKOB, 770 AM) is still as busy as ever.

He is still heard on close to SIX HUNDRED radio stations in markets ALL OVER the country--that's more than TEN PERCENT of all AM licenses...Two stations announced last week they were dropping the show, one in Hilo, HA, and another in Pittsfield, MA. Otherwise, .....CRICKETS....

If STATIONS begin to fall away in large numbers, THEN he might be in trouble. But they won't, because there are STILL, and always will be, several scores of millions of Angry White Male, knuckle-dragging, troglodytic, mouth-breathers who can't say at home, at work, or in public, anymore, what they think and what Rush says on the radio, when they're out alone in the company truck or the rental car.

Sorry to wet-blanket the happy-happy-joy-joy, but...the fact is that it DOESN'T MATTER if the "big" national advertizers are jumping ship. They're just the lagniappe, the "repectable" icing on the cake.

What matters is the LOCAL ads on the LOCAL stations. That's where the real influence is. And he's still on nearly 600 radio stations, in EVERY market in the country, and on several stations in some, bigger markets.

The demographic he addresses--angry, white, male, 18-75--is ubiquitous and still the largest single niche market in the country. They're not rich, but they use Gold Bond Crotch Powder, and auto-glass companies, fly-by-night Insurance companies, and Goodies headache remedies, and they set every preset in every rental car to Rush's local outlet.

That "target" demographic is not shrinking, so there will ALWAYS be a demand for Rush; and as long as there is demand--and that demand is RABID--the market will supply it.

Rush's place on the dial is secure until and unless LOCAL stations start to drop him, wholesale. And even if one station drops him--in any medium to large market--another will ALWAYS pick him up, because the AUDIENCE for him is large and doesn't go away, is loyal, and spends money...

The Ditto-heads may not be a "majority" (though I think they are pretty close to one). But they are incredibly numerous, they are fanatically loyal, and they spend money LOCALLY.

The ONLY way Rushbo leaves the airwaves is if he dies...and even then, they'll play him in reruns. Short of his physical expiration, ala Andrew Breitbart, Rushbo's not going anywhere. Sadly...

I may be wrong about Rushbo's prospects. It HAS happened before, me being wrong, that is, though rarely. Yet in this case, I don't think so. But if it so happens, (and I would be glad of it), there will assuredly be another, equally repellant or worse dickwad to take his place. The Ditto-heads WILL be served.

Then you can make fun of me at the beach, hippies.

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