Monday, March 12, 2018

Choose Yer "Pizen."

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This, to yer ol' perfesser, is what's called a "specious" argument.
It LOOKS reasonable and rational, but the premises don't follow.
First, and foremost:
All "news" is essentially and effectively propaganda.
Any account presented through the media, of any description, always already (as the old Marxists usta say) has been spun to SOMEBODY's advantage.
Faux Nooz egregiously takes advantage of it, but they are not the only offender.
We cannot "outlaw" or "forbid" lying in the Press, because the Constitution prohibits a priori prohibition of any speech by the State.
And, for the record, "Cable TV" killed the Fairness Doctrine, which in practice had ALWAYS done more to SUPPRESS controversial speech than it EVER did to promote it.

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