Saturday, October 20, 2012

WWH/CJE Soap Box: The National Skinner Box

I know I've trod some of this ground before, but the meme keeps cropping up, and it needs to be redressed...
This "pious presidential bullshit" prose just frosts my goddam ass!
I don't care if it is the sainted FDR. It's still blaming the victims, period.
People don't "tolerate the growth of private fucking power!" 
They don't "let" the oligarchs and aristos buy up their fucking country. They don't sell off their Congresscritters to the highest bidders. They don't put business lackeys in important regulatory positions for vital industries and products.
The PEOPLE don't start wars, don't invade harmless nations for wealth or influence. 

All those things happen, of course; but the people have no fucking CHOICE in the matter.
The Owners, Oners, and Oligarchs didn't waltz in and blithely announce they were taking over, didn't say: Here, let's vote on it. They just DID it.

And for all their fatuous flap-jowling, the "sainted" leaders of their polis--OUR polis--don't try to stop it; they don't DARE!
So it's shoved down their/our throats--we are induced to swallow it like broccoli at the familial table--as "the price of liberty" or "good for the economy," or "healthy for their kids," or some other happy horse-shit, the net result of which is that the CorpoRats consolidate power and fuck the people.
That's blaming the victims...
The USer people have been citizens of an ever-increasingly more pervasive, ubiquitous, complex, and persuasive Skinner box since even BEFORE BF Skinner, back in the Teens of the last Century when Edward Bernays effectively coimbined the efficiency, ends-justify-means instrumental 'rationality' of industrial Taylorism, the bare-bones behaviorism of Pavlov, and the sexually founded psychology of his old uncle Sigmund, and from all that created "Public Relations," a benign sounding euphemism for the manipulations, distortions, and disfigurations of truth in the service of Capital and the manufacture of consent to its voracious, destructive, immanently contradicted demands.

Are you straight? Gay? Bi? When did you choose?

Answer, I believe, is: You didn't choose. It always just was. Like your language. 
People haven't had meaningful choices in the public debate since the 30s, at least. It's been settled. It's in the books. And it's what people believe, in overwhelming numbers. They/we've been trained to see it only one way. They/we've been rewarded for compliance AND punished for resistance. They/we're entirely immersed in an artificial, voyeuristic, saturated media environment where their/our every emotion, every thought, every experience is mediated, interfered with, interrupted by carefully designed stimulus/response cues. 
Do lab rats have choice?
Once a dog is trained, it doesn't HAVE to think when you tell it to sit. It just sits. We're all trained mutts, under the whip of Charles Taylor's technical, ends-justify-means morality of efficiency, Pavlov's barbarous behaviorism, and Freud's sexual psycho-pathology.
Welcome to "The Biggest Skinner Box in history: the boundaries are kept by the flickering, blue screens, everywhere.

Not only every TV show, but every app on your IPod/notebook/smart fone is another Skinnerian doggie treat rewarding you for NOT stamping the infernal machine into toxic scrap and turning your justified rage into the streets and at the whited sepulchres of Capital.
Woof, woof, hippies!

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