Saturday, March 5, 2011

PFTB: Huelga Nacional!

In respect to this piece on Alternet, the following (albeit incomplete) discussion transpired:

Woody advises:
The Bosses have anticipated y'all.
Unfortunately, there's an actual LAW which criminalizes "General Strikes." It's part of the PATRIOT ACT, and it defines interference in interstate commerce as "domestic terrorism."
That's "Gitmo" territory....
Lee Burkett:
A general strike, under provisions of The Patriot Act and The Military Commission Act, defines a general strike as "wide spread civil unrest," which opens the door for the declaration of martial law. Homeland Security would then be authorized to close down all commercial transport, public transportation, and to seize all bank accounts. The President would have the authority to disband Congress for a period of up to six months.
I wish I was makin' this up, but I ain't ...
Greg Castelonuvo Tedesco:
If people don't have the money to travel, or in their bank accounts then people have nothing to lose but their lives. Most Americans already feel like their lives are not worth living, they watch 5 hours of TV per day. Only people like me, in the "upper middle" class have a little to loose. That is only about 10% of the population. The lower 90% have very little to loose, as it has almost all been stolen by the elites in the last 30 year of flat wages.
Woody Wiqiliques Konopak:
‎"When you got nuthin, you got nuthin' to lose."

The genius of Murkin CorpoRat propaganda, Greg, izzat it has been able to convince the have-nots that they have too MUCH to risk any of it on dissent.
Marcie Coulter
Got us all by the short hairs and prepared to take us in - see FEMA camps nationwide. Who the fuck you reckon those are for? Illegal immigrants? Nah - theybe for us!
Woody Wiqiliques Konopak:
They don't NEED FEMA camps. The people are "voluntarily" sedated. The reality of what is in store is utterly terrifying. It would be to ANYONE, but especially to a people narcotized by "prosperity," bemused by "exceptionality," and distracted by "celebrity," in the thrall of that flickering, blue light.
"Reality" unfortunately means the end of all that. It makes even ME very nervous, and I'm gonna die an a coupla years (10 or so, likely, given my med history and appetites).

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