Sunday, March 13, 2011

PFTB: Prospects

I have lately revised my schema for the "re-election" of Prez. Shamwow:

St. Barry, the Pale, will be "re-elected" if the Owners need him to finish the jobs he was originally installed to do:
1) absorb/displace as much as possible (why I call him "Pres. Shamwow") of the shit spilled these last 40 years by the WHITE oligarchy and give it a "more colorful" aspect;
2) scuttle the last vestiges of the New Deal (especially SocSec), and
3) put the indelible stamp of a "minority Democrat" on the first, visible signs of the decline and fall of the Murkin Empire.
If he's accomplished those small matters, then the Owners will cheerfully reinstall a more acceptable member of the managerial class, mebbe another Bush, in the job.

If not, then it'll be 2016...

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  1. That picture is worth 1013 words. Here is your puzzle, why?

    By the way, it was shockingly amusing, sir.