Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Rede of the Road: Relations Between Travel, Work and Reading

The video, which got me thinking about all this again, is "STEPHEN FRY (SPLASHLIFE): WHAT I WISH I'D KNOWN AT 18 [on Curiosity, Travel, Reading, and Education]"

Learning IS a collaborative project, jointly engaged and enjoyed. We don't "learn" alone.

In "olde" English, the word "rede" (from which our "read" derives) was first meant to describe a report of conditions at the destination of a proposed journey and the conditions--and potential dangers--of the intervening road.

Btw: The word "travel" is etymologically related to such terms as older, English term "travail," which means "difficulty," and the Spanish word "trabajo," meaning 'work.' From which I take it that, when these terms first found currency, travel was difficult and a lot of work; and a lot more dangerous than today. And you needed a "rede" to make your plans accordingly.

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