Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More Tales from The Book: Teaching

Today--indeed, only a moment or so ago, I completed an entry in a thread on "teachers," in reply to a post which was so incredibly stupid that I was for a time mute. I pondered 'defriending' the individual, the post pained me so. But, because it was a busy thread, and I saw a sympathetic audience, I restrained my fury and civilly replied. I shall spare you the badinage that led up to it, and offer this for your consideration:
Teachers are under attack for a lot of reasons. Here's two:
One: Look at the number of people and the celebrity of people who have been hailed as the BEST teachers. Jesus at the top of that list, nest paw?
Influential? you betcha. Next to parents, the most influential people in MOST kids lives are their teachers. In grammar/grade school, the kids are with teachers longer than they might be with their working parents.
If you're an oligarch or an agent of their devices, the last thing you want is for a good teacher to be filling the kids' hungry minds with heterodoxy.
The history of school reform since Raygun has been a calculated project to SILENCE teachers to the greatest extent possible without outright censorship--but that happens distressingly often too.
Then there's the CorpoRat influence.
Public school is part of the social network that the GOP and the Owners want to undo. It is NOT an exaggeration. They REALLY DO WANT TO REMOVE ALL VESTIGES OF THE SAFETY NET. If they can do that, they cast the individual back into the arms of the company store, little more than vassal or serfdom.
I do NOT exaggerate. That is expressly their plan and purpose. You cannot look at their doings without knowing that with the deepest of dread and certainty. In their view, school is exclusively for purposes of indoctrination in the dominant ideology, and they construct the tests to see how thoroughly the indoctrination has been imbibed.
Teachers are scary to Owners and oligarchs because they have unfettered access to those growing minds, can implant in them any seeds they like. We see it all TOO clearly in the ideologies of kids raised in schools where religious orthodoxy is NOT scrupulously avoided. If God and Jesus can do it, so can Mao and Castro!...Or Sartre...or Homer. It beggars the mind, nest paw?

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