Wednesday, March 9, 2011

PFTB*: Ask Not...

FB pal Ivan Radko wrote:
With ALL due respect to JFK, I think it's time we asked, what our country can do for us.
I replied:
I always thought that was a pretty strange remark to be delivering, only 15 years after the end of the biggest, bloodiest, most fatal war in history, to the people who had fought it, had sacrificed more than any cohort in the population since the Civil War.

The biggest problem the People of America have with America is that the price it extracts to live here--in taxes, indignities, injustices, inequalities, inhumanities, etc.--are not repayed in either the generosity or quantity of the services it provides. Our health care sucks, our infrastructure is decrepit, our public transportation is a fucking disgrace, our food supply is feculent, and our air and water are negotiable chips in a zero-sum game with the plutocrats and autocrats.

It's GOOD thing, for the plutocrats, that fewer than 30% of the people have ever left the country, because they have no standard for comparison, other than what they are told--by the largest, most expensive, most intrusive, most comprehensive, most psychologically sophisticated,official mis- and dis-information system ever to exist anywhere in any place in any time.

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