Friday, March 11, 2011

PFTB: Assorted Matters


Much as one admires Hitch, Woody wouldn't "debate" religious people.
Debate is a project by which logic is applied to a factual problem to render a solution. Religious people abjure logic in favor of faith. You cannot 'debate' faith, because there are no "facts" in dispute. Once cannot, therefore, by definition, "debate" religious folks about religious matters. And if they were susceptible to logic, they wouldn't BE religious.

Decision-Point(less), 2012
Decision-point(less) 2012:
Woody's Fearless Equivocation: If the Pukes think St. Barry has absorbed enough of the shit the last 40 years of that THEIR criminal conspiracy has unleashed, so that their asses are covered--that is, if Barry & the Dims are blamed for the economic collapse, the destruction of social security, the wars, the loss of freedoms, and the first evident signs of the fall of the Murkin Empire overseas, so that NO Dim and no "novelty" (non-white) candidate can ever win nomination again--then Jebbie's--or mebbe John Thune--the guy.
If they need to give St. Barry another term to do their dirty work, they'll nominate some miserable, moronic queef, like Huckabee or Palin.

Are Americans finally waking up to the frights and terrors unleashed these last decades upon our Constitution, our freedoms,' our very "way of life?
But unfortunately, what woke 'em (it they are indeed awakening, something of which I am still not certain) was the noise and impact of the ship crashing into the iceberg.
That's too late.

Dream State
Woody figgers, as long as we're dreaming, here: Add this to the "Robin Hood" tax on financial speculation and the deficit'd be solved in 5 years. With money to spare for completely funding universalmedical CARE for all citizens.

Return the top marginal tax rate to what it was in 1980, before Raygun: that'd be a big help, too...And, sheeeeit! I wan' my PONEE, TOO?...

Another problem, apart from the sheer impossibility of EVER getting enough votes to pass it, or a President to sign such measures, is that all such revenue bills HAVE to start in the House, and we know what that means...

But regardless, the "Democratic" hierarchy is in no way committed to anything LIKE "democratic principles." Most of them are no better than opportunists desirous of getting their hands on power and, there being already plenty of wealthy pricks in the GOP, they became "Democrats."

They HATE being "Democrats," because it means they are the representatives of the "lower orders," and they know themselves to be better than that, so their defense of "democratic" and other (lesser) principles is anemic, at best.

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