Wednesday, March 9, 2011

PFTB: So Long, N P R...

NPR's gonna go down because some ecec admitted publically that he thought the teabaggers are a bunch of ignorant, unregenerate racist assholes? No, REALLY?

If BOTH Henry Kissinger and Barack O'Bama hadn't been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and forever erased the concept of "irony" from any connection with meaning, I would say it was "ironic" that NPR is hoist, finally, if inadvertently, on the petard of actually speaking the truth. Whooda thunk?

In a couple of comments about the resignation of Vivian Schiller from the top spot at NPR, and in the midst of the now-entirely-MORE-likely prospect that the GOPuke Congress will indeed "zero-out" federal funding for BOTH NPR and PBS (though the fate of the latter is probably not yet sealed), for the "impropriety" of a senior fund-raiser unburdening himself on the racist asswhole who comprise a good 90% of the so-called Tea party, I wrote the following:
Woody's just about certain, now: NPR is gonna lose its federal funding. The rats should soon be visible diving off the sinking ship. There is no doubt, empirically and metphorically, that the primary impetus behind the Tea-bagger agenda, and its main attraction to disaffected White People was and is a deep, abiding racial animus.

The rhetoric which betrays the truest nature of the complaints is that which speaks of "our" money funding "their" (immoral, illegal, immodest, profligate) behavior. It's the same 'logic' which the censorious use to excuse not giving a hand-out to a beggar: "He'd only use it to buy booze," only attached to racial stereotyping instead of poverty stereotyping. They don't want to pay for anything that in any way improve the lots of people whom they regard and detest as inferiors.

The most ardent tea-baggers--and even the lazier hangers-on--were/are people who will endure a minor inconvenience or permit the loss of a small benefit if, by doing so, they can deny those whom they despise any benefit at all and preferably INCREASE their misery. It's text-book racism, a collective assent to injury, rather than an individual bigotry. That's what racism IS!

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