Saturday, June 25, 2011

Woody, In The Morning: The Blame Game

Krugman's absolutely correct when, in his NYTimes blog on Friday he wrote, anent the departure of the GOPhux from the credit ceiling 'negotiations': "And everyone who has preached bipartisanship, who has called for a meeting of minds on the subject, is either a fraud or a chump."

Who EVER expected the GOPh*x to negotiate in good faith? Do you actually believe St. Barry and the Dims did?

I didn't. Nope. Not me. Woody din't just fall of the ol turnip truck!

Everybody in the Club--the Congress, the Press, the Bureaucracy, the USCoC/NAB-- knows how it works. They ALL know it's just kabuki, performed entertain the people observing it, and to instruct them in the futility of political participation....They've been enacting this complex charade for months, when anybody with the brain of a sea-urchin KNEW what the result would be:
Total cave-in/collapse by St. Barry and the Dims to the demands of the GOPhux!.

But with the debt-ceiling crisis, Pres. Shamwow has the cover he's always needed to eviscerate Soc.Sec/Medicare--which was no small part of what he was installed to do to begin with.

At thje ceremonial signing, celebrating the momentous event, he'll weep copious, convincing crocodile tears and swear he feels TERRIBLE about it. But it will STILL be "sold" as a monumental accomplishment, and he'll happily fuck us, you and me. Mebbe he'll trot out Michelle to look sad, too; or the girls?
"I know I promised to hold the line on Social Security and Medicare and taking care of the little people...But this is an EMERGENCY; they MADE me do it! They FORCED me! To SAVE THE ECONOMY OF THE COUNTRY AND THE WORLD, I had to sacrifice the weakest links!!! I am truly sorry, and look forward to your support next year, for saving the world!"
Remember Nixon and China? It's the same principle: It had to be a Dim president who tore down the last of the New Deal safety net and sells out the workers, as it had to have been a GOPh*q who danced with Madame Mao.

The genius of the arrangement is that the Dims and the Negro will get the ALL the blame, bear ALL the responsibility, for ALL of it--for ALL the consequences falling on the People from the many, assorted, stupid, vicious, aristocratic and oligarchic clusterf*x of the last 30-40 years.

It's working like a charm. I bet YOU'RE blaming Barry, too, aincha?

I've said before: I almost fel sorry for him.


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