Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Woody, In The Morning: Waddayadunfermelately?

The other morning, on Zuckerberg's folly--like clockwork just about every week--there appeared another of those artfully long, arduously detailed, achingly sincere, partisan encomia ("encomiums?") which painstakingly recounted ALL the things "ThePrez" has done for us these last 30 months or so. Designed to blunt/trivialize the complaints of the disaffected "professional Left," it necessarily ignored --as the correspondent on Alternet noted--the following details wherein The Prez has also led the way:

1) Deporting more immigrants and breaking up more families than George W. Bush (or to put it in more business-friendly language, increasing U.S. "exports" of insufficiently documented human capital assets).

2) Coming out in support of expanded off-shoring drilling just before the BP catastrophe in the Gulf; he STILL approves of it, and his officials have issued dozens of new "safe" permits. He repeatedly has touted production of that mythical substance "clean coal" (widely believed the stuff from which pours the Fountain of Youth). In the wake of the Japanese nuclear disaster, the scope of which is still unknown, he has signalled sympathy for the building of more nuclear plants;

3) Demonstrating his negotiating skills, he compromised with the GOPhux by EXTENDING the "Hyde Amendment" to permit GOP lawmakers to prostate-lave their fucktard "pro-life" constituents by excluding abortion coverage from even PRIVATE health insurance.

4) Cutting 120 billion in taxes for the rich while proposing billions in cuts to "entitlements," such as home heating subsidies to people who are poor or elderly.

5) Making sure the nation's largest banks remained solvent so they could continue to foreclose on the homes of millions of Americans, whose tax dollars supported the multi-million-dollar bonuses of the executives who continue to refuse to renegotiate their mortgages.

6) Standing mutely by, without so much as a stern rebuke to the miscreants or an encourgement to the people they are injuring, "thePrez" seems lame, and impotent as Republican governors and state legislators around the country attack organized labor (e.g., remaining almost entirely mum on the Wisconsin law stripping workers of the right to negotiate their contracts), when he had boldly asserted he would 'find his comfy shoes and join pickets," if they were stripped of their collective bargaining rights.

7) After pledging during the campaign to "revisit" the PATRIOT ACT, he signed two one-year, and now one four-year extension of the most egregious, sustained, legislative and Executive assault on the personal liberties and freedoms of individual citizens since Adams' Alien & Sedition Acts of the 1790s. Who GNU when he said he 'revisit' the thing, he meant to STRENGTHEN it.

8) Under his regime, the USofA is openly carrying out what, if they were being done by any other nation in the world, would be considered (accurately) acts of war: bombing 'insurgent' and/or Government fighters in six (Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, and Libya) predominantly Arab, Muslim countries, none of which have so much as fired a fucking starters' pistol at the USofA.

These aren't "calls for" anything, plans for anything, memorials of anything. These are concrete, consequential lapses and failings. I am not saying anything like "St. Barry's" the worst president, ever, I am saying that I find it no end of distressing and depressing that he's the BEST we got or are gonna get, ever again.

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  1. "I find it no end of distressing and depressing that he's the BEST we got or are gonna get, ever again."

    I emphasize EVER!!!