Thursday, June 2, 2011

WWH~~ Wake'N'Bake 101: Polled

CIVICS: "Washington (CNN) -- A new national poll indicates that a majority of Americans don't like what they've heard so far about congressional Republicans' plans to change Medicare."

And who could blame them. Ryan's 'plan' is an abomination, less policy than schematic outline of the same idiotic "randian"/racist, punitive ideology which conflates wealth with virtue, and that inspires the teahadist cretins' anti-gummint rhetoric. It is quite unpopular. But that doesn't matter a fart in a porta-potty, friends; not doodly-squat.

It wouldn't matter if polls showed opposition to it were close to unanimous.

That is because the Ryan "plan" is what passed the House, by close to 100 votes. So it MUST be reconciled with the complementary bill which passes the Senate, whatever it looks like.

The Senate is not powerful enough, not popularly partisan enough, to reject the House measure wholesale. SOME part of the GOPhux/Ryan mad, irresponsible, punitive, retributive bullshit WILL BE IN whatever bill is finally enacted. It's unavoidable, and inevitable. So some part of this Ryan piece of shit--possibly much, perhaps even MOST of it--will find its way into the final "compromise" version that St. Barry WILL agree to and sign.

And St. Barry will veritably gleem with pride, signing "this landmark in the struggle to rein in the horrible deficit," smoothly assuring us that EVERYONE is bearing some of the burden, and that it is EQUALLY distributed among ALL the people--and strangely unlike ANYTHING else in this rich-mans' bordello.

It's not a matter of "if," but "how much" will he/they fuck us. The record is not encouraging, suggesting we stock up on lube or lanolin.


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