Friday, June 10, 2011

WWH~~ Wake'N'Bake 101: Weiner, Redivivus

Woody is pretty non-plussed at the gyrations and uncomfortable, protective positions which the Weiner defenders have adopted in their desperate desire to protect the guy. I don't WANT to call it "hypocrisy," but: If some moronic GOPhuq had committed the same array of stupid deeds, the Left-o-sphere would be IN-CAN-fucking-DESCENT with furious outrage... They would NEVER shut up.

The David Vitter comparison is spurious. Vitter is a useless, water-carrying piece of baggage. He's not a leading light of the Rightard movement. He's a place-holder and a vote, nothing more. And he was re-elected (admittedly in Louisiana, but still). And comparisons to Gingrich ar more scurrilous still. Gingrich no longer holds ANY elected office.

Weiner, on the other hand, is (was) a prominent, admired, forthright, unrestrained critic of all things GOPhucking STUPID, and an advocate of progressive politics. But no more.

Weiner is already a laughing stock. The ONLY way to redeem himself would be to "pants" orange-John Boner in the Well of the House...

Woody would dearly LOVE to hear the next exchange between Jon Stewart and his (former?) buddy, Ant'ny Weiner.

"Nuttin poisunal, Ant'ny. Jis bidness! Right, Ant'ny? You'da done me the same way, innit?"

WOODY DOESN'T CARE about Weiner's weiner, per se.

What I care about is the monumental, catastrophic failure in judgment and common sense that the psychopathic, narcissistic, selfish, spoiled, egocentric, solipistic fuckwit showed, along with his prepossessing package. The moron couldn't think far enough "ahead" (so to speak) to realize just HOW FUCKING STUPID it is for people so intensely in the public eye to just throw their 'junk" up in cyber-space.

Weiner's absolute, dismal, unacceptable LACK of concern about the consequences of proudly posting his elegantly draped (Congressional gray) underexposed "meat-stick" on the Twitter-sphere should disqualify him from what admiration he already earned. It's the unforgivably stupid, and infantile, absolutely dismal, unacceptable LACK of concern about the consequences resulting from his discovery and unmasking, and from the fucking LIES the ASSHOLE told to cover it up, to the "agenda" he proclaimed himself an advocate for: That's what frosts my ass.

I don't give a fuck about "the Weiner" itself. But it must be clear that, until he resigns, and then runs for his own seat again, and wins, he has ZERO fucking cred as ANYTHING other than a model for boxer-briefs (e.g., the illustration, accompanying).

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