Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Woody, In The Morning: Controversy?

Folks seem confused that, even though the actual science is well settled, the CorpoRat/SCUM* "Press" keeps the 'climate change controversy' alive where there is actually no controversy at all. There is no actual "debate" about global climate change. It's pretty much settled, scientific fact, like evolution, gravity and the Laws of Thermodynmamics. If you find yourself having to venture into the mine-fields of calculated ignorance that is the intellectual wilderness of climate-change skepticism and outright denial--and we cannot always avoid them; they should wear funny hats--it is good to have a resource upon which to draw when the FUCKING STOOPIT becomes too much to bear. This is it, for me, from now on.

That there is no 'true' debate has been known to anyone with greater cognitive capacity than a newt for at LEAST 20 years. Here is what we know: "The consensus opinion of the world’s climate scientists is that climate change is occurring due to human CO₂ emissions. The changes are rapid and significant, and the implications for our civilisation may be dire. The chance of these statements being wrong is vanishingly small."

The matter of "how the media get it wrong" is a bit precious, a bit naive.

The "Press" sells controversy, and the Oligarchs profit from ANY "controversy" over climate change, because it muddles the facts. And the Oligarchs own "the Press," which toils under the lash of the Fucktard Oligarchy...which said Oligarchs stands to LOSE a great deal of money, power and influence if the seriousness of the problem is actually acknowledged, and measures are undertaken to at least stem (since it is already too late to turn back) the tide of damages.

The CorpoRat/SCUM* behave exactly as you'd expect them to, once you STOP trying to understand them as 'independent actors," and put them in the context to "businesses" owned by the same folks who benefit rom their stenography. The "Press" is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the CorpoRat/State propaganda apparati. If they get a check, they're sold out. Reporters (often idealists) may hate it, but they DO it, cuz they need the jobs, and those are the conditions of employment: Get Along, Go Along.

The people--corporations--which own the "press" stand most to benefit from trivializing the threat and postponing as long as possible the changes necessary to preserve the species (Earth, howsoever damaged, will survive us). They have no compunctions about using their tools--the "SCUM"*-- to accomplish their ends, albeit as surreptitiously as possible. So, while there is almost ZERO skepticism among the people who are really informed, there is STILL plenty of it--zombie-like repetitions of fatuous, ill-informed, stupidities--which the poodles of the press dutifully bring into the house at their masters' command.

(*SCUM = SoCalled Unbiased Media)

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  1. (since it is already too late to turn back)
    You're the only one besides myself I've heard say that.

    To this day when data about this becomes known they always for the most part under estimate the rate of change. It's acceleration so rapidly they don't have a clue. It's going to get much worse every year. We will never see stable weather patterns again. Not only is the Empire in decline but the world as well. Not sure who will lose first.