Monday, June 20, 2011

WWH ~~ Morning, With Woody: To Clancy, Short and Curly

(N.B.: A 'new' moniker on the column: Good bye "Wake'N'Bake 101," HELLO! "Morning, With Woody.")
You my know by now that my contempt for the assorted jurisprudential mediocrities occupying the US Supreme Court, at present, is virtually boundless. And not always limited to the Opus Deists--Kennedy, Thomas, Alito, Roberts and Scalia--either: I could mention a recent decision, out of an incident in a Kentucky housing project, in which both The KAGAN and Santa Sonia, the "bleeding heart"/empath, granted increased, warrantless-entry powers to cops who (in good faith? Right!) "believe" evidence may be being destroyed. Only Ginsberg dissented.

I needn't, I suppose, again rehearse the litany of objections one may recite as to both Scalia's and Thomas' blatant flouting of every canon of jurisprudential conduct, dancing in attendance at the feet of the Koch brothers opulent gatherings, getting their instructions, and pocketing their hefty "honoraria." Or how the man whom I fondly call "Cunt-Hair Clancy" has for 20 years actively concealed--yeah, he says he "just forgot" to report--the substantial salaries and beneficences bestowed by representatives of litigants with matters before the Court, and on which and in whose favor he, Clancy, decided. Such an assertion is ONLY plausible if the amounts contributed to Ginni Thomas' "causes" and salary were insignificaznt in the Thomas family cash-flow. It appears nw it actually might have been, since Clancy now, also, appears to have been leased by some sleazy, Dallas real estate developer/billionaire.

In Woody's humble estimation (even if the partisan composition of the House were not so overwhelmingly GOPhuck, America's "second" Black SCROTUS appointment is utterly immune from ANY consequences of his blatant, outrageous violations of just about EVERY imaginable canon of judicial ethics or public law about bribery. No "White" regime COULD bring any action against him without being accused of "lynching" the skeevy fucker.

And America's first Black President/first Black Atty. Gen'l--who are arguably the only ones who COULD deflect or absorb the ferocity of Cunt-Hair Clancy's inevitable, furious race baiting (the "high-tech lynching!" all over)--won't even consider it.

So, absent a "tragedy" (Roberts spazzing out and going all Natalie Wood; Thomas choking on a pube; Scalia getting shot in the face by Cheney, or Alito forgetting a tie one day and being smothered by his foreskin), the die is cast, and justice for the People is dead.

Still, while I heartily endorse the "impeachment" sentiment, ceteris paribus, I'd recommend we spend y/our time and energy on efforts more likely to bear fruit, like spinning straw into gold...


Woody reckons discussing who "won" the GOPhuck "debate" is kinda like drawing significance from one of those "mascot" races, at the ball park, when the French Fry, the Hotdog, and the Burger dash around the base paths; or who "won" last night at a "professional" wrestling match....The ONLY thing that made the event at ALL 'relevant' was the number of mindless drones from the SCUM begging for idiotic, mind-numbing trivia for their corpoRat-approved/mandated sound bites...

I hope somebody had the sense to record the twitter/fb questions which the national audience sent in to the GOPhux 'debate,' and then has the wit to juxtapose those questions against the mindless banalities offered by the "Press" for the candidates to evade. If they're gonna evade, make 'em evade on REAL shit!

Sounds like something Jon Stewart should do (when he gets back from "vacay" again...)


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