Sunday, June 26, 2011

Woody, In The Morning: Gone To Pot

Hard on the heels of the massive and monumentally stupid "Great GOPhuquery" the other week in Vermont, and his continuing appearance in the headlines, with Barney Frank last week with their spot-light-seizing, headline-grabbing, but otherwisse totally ineffectual and meaningless marijuana legalization bill, I am encountering a distressing number of people nominally and putatively of "leftish" sympathies tolling the virtues of Rep. Ron Paul, the West Texas demagog with a quasi-populist message and a total commitment Ayn-Rand-Libertarianism and to the CorpoRat State.

CHINGADO RON PAUL! Chuy, jodido! What is the matter with these people? At the GOPhuq Clown College Coming-Out Party, he waxes all predictably, outragedly Randian Libertardian, and suddenly, he's some "great white hope" for the disaffected populists? That's probably closer to the truth than a lot of his sympathizers want to admit, however; but for folks of a "leftish" inclination, I question their sanity.

Ron ("One-Tock, the Broken Clock") Paul makes occasional 'reasonable' noises, about legalizing recreational drug use (sort of) and ending US involvements in foreign wars, or most of 'em. (I am not sufficiently versed in the lore of the Federal Reserve conspiracy to comment on his position--close the Fed?--on that issue. It also finds him some constituency, howsoever mis/mal-informed.

Because, when you examine his record, his pronouncements (especially in his archival news-letter), and his positions, those who actually consider SUPPORTING the Libertard--mebbe for his "anti-war," or his decriminalizing rhetoric--should attend to what you're trading for. (Setting aside the fact that, alone, as he would be, he could accomplish NEITHER of thoes goals.)

Okay, but you get somebody who MIGHT decriminalize, even legalize marijuana; and a candidate who is at least nominally opposed to foreign military adventurism.

Sure, as long as you are comfortable with an unconvincingly "reconstructed" white supremacist, misogynist, anti-environmental, anti-regulation, pro-CorpoRatist, free-trade, prayer-in-schools, demi-fascist, theocratic shitwhistle who, if he were able, would cancel the minimum wage, reverse 'choice,' abandon corpoRat regulation, eliminate environmental protections, and roll back civil rights legislation, and punish flag-burners.

That's too high a price, to me. See for yourself. SCREW RON PAUL.

P.S.: It should always be noted, whenever the name Ayn Rand enters the discussion of politics, philosophy, or literature, one is in the same terrain as one would be when bringing coprophagy in a conversation about cuisine and nutrition.


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