Tuesday, June 7, 2011

WWH~~ Wake'N'Bake 101: Too Bad I Already Used "Polled."

Not Mollified: Anthony Weiner's critics, that is. I doubt that this will end until he's forced to "drop trou."

I mean, c'mon. The tweet/shot which was the first evidence of this scandal showed a "package" of fairly prodigious proportions. Not yer 'Average White-boy" junk, ya know? Jon Stewart, the first night he ran (with) the story, recounted how he'd known Weiner since back in adolescence, from camp, on such occasions where young men may glimpse other guys' equipment--and inevitably to compare, of course. Stewart might have been covering for his pal (or he might have been milking the story; cuz it was and is WAY inside the comedic "wheel-house"), but he assured the folks that Anthony's adolescent weiner was nothing like the resplendent kielbasa so proudly expanding the solemn, dignified, very Congressional gray spandex of the boxer/briefs in the fotograph.

Other fotos on the Web today would convince a person that the guy's another certifiable narcissist, a powerful, privileged, nearly psycho/sociopathic patriarchalist. But then who ISN'T, when you get that degree of attention. It's one of the qualifications for the job; it's not a bug, it's an app. Wonkette, in her Ana Marie Cox mufti, just dropped a piece on the GQ blog covering the 25 most prolific political philanderers.

He "admitted" it was him. But I reckon I'd "admit" that package belonged to me, too, in the bright lights of the camera and the inquiring eyes of my country. So I think Weiner's going to be under pressure to has to "drop trou" to dispel any lingering doubts among his constituents as to WHICH apparatus they'd prefer to have representing them in the screwing contest that is the Congress. (I mean they don't call it "congress" fopr nothing.)

Me? I'd do it on "The View."

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