Monday, November 12, 2012

WWH/CGE Soap-Box: Campaign 2012, A Post Mortem

Hola! L&G, B&G, Hippies and straights around the  world, this is your ol' pal, John Konopak, Citizen Journalist in Albuquerque, New Mexico, clambering up onto the WWH/CJE soap-box today to bring you my own 'post-mortem' on our recenly concluded Presidential electoral follies.

As I had predicted, fearlessly and repeatedly, over the last two or three years,  O'Barry's got his second term as our First "novelty" president (not counting the utterly cynical installation of the Chimperor Bush in 2000).  No, Hillary won't be elected in 2016, though she may run. But, from now on, for wa good while, ONLY GOPhux, preferably White AND Male, will hold the Executive Office of the USofA after 2016, and until the White majority demographically dissolves...

 Also, as I have also repeatedly declared, despite protestations and aspirations to the contrary, there will be NO significant changes, either in Obomber's governance or in Govt. policy in the second term. There WON'T be a "second-term turn-around." He already got re-elected. He doesn't need you anymore.

Still: If there were going to be ANY sort of transformation, here are the FIRST FIVE THINGS Sir/St. Barry, the Pale, should do to PROVE his reelection will bring the "second-term miracle" which the Obotomized followers proclaim they expect.

If Sir Barry, the Capitulator, wants to conclusively demonstrate that his second term will be REALLY different, what he needs to do TODAY, very first thing, or THIS WEEK at the latest, is:
 1) RELEASE BRADLEY MANNING... Manning's imprisonment should be a bell-weather by which Shamwow's other 2nd term "accomplishments" should be measured. Nothing ELSE he could do would reveal his willingness to respect individual rights of conscience

 2) FIRE ARNE DUNCAN...the Corporatist/Charterist Ed. Sec.,and prove he's not out to bust the teachers' unions and privatize the schools.

3) FIRE Treasury's Banksta-punk/towel-boy Geithner AND his alleged replacement, Erskine Bowles--the Catfood Commissioner--and PROVE he's not going to fuck with entitlements.

 4) ANNOUNCE a cease-fire in Afghanistan and a steady withdrawal schedule.

5) PUT solar technology BACK on the WhiteHouse and on ALL Federal buildings nationally. If none of those are forthcoming, well you can decide what it means.
We could decide on others, substitutes, etc, but any ONE would be a lkandmark, and all five would INDEED signal a change. But no chjange is forthcoming.

After opining in like manner, I was accused today of being a "fundamentalist," by a couple of triumphant Obots:
 "If you were a Latino, a woman, a black person, a gay person, you would know better," one said. "...or a teacher, or a union worker, or someone with an illness and no job, or a parent with a disabled child, or an elder who needs medicare, or..... um, Woody, do you realize that you are being a fundamentalist? You may have different opinions from those who rail on Fox but your style of thinking needs help..."

I was told. 

I am self-evidently NOT a female, a Latino, a Black; you have to take my word that I'm not gay (usual disclaimert included).  BUT I  WAS a teacher, and a union worker, I have a couple of (serious) illnesses, and am retired so have no job, and am an 'elder" with medical needs and who will (probably) need "care" sometime. Shamwow's triumph changes NOTHING for me. But more importantly
  • It changes nothing in the way of Imperial military adventurism. It won't stop any civilians--omen, children, etc--from being slaughtered by US drones in Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, Sudan, or Pakistan. 
  • It changes nothing with regard to further eviscerating the tattered Social Safety Net. 
  • It changes nothing in the power that Wall Street banksters exert, the perqs they accrue, or the bail-outs they expect.
  • It won't REDUCE the influence of parasitical private insurers on your medical coverage. 
  • It won't reduce the wealth/income distribution gap, or reduce the power of the One Percent.
  • It won't prevent further job off-shoring through Trade Agreements  (cue "Great sucking sound").
  • It won't change anything at Gitmo or Bagram or the 'black sites.'
  • It won't change anything in the way the USofA produces energy--"Clean coal" is CROWING today; the Nuke folks are glowing, and the exploiters will drill and spill with impunity, still.
  • It won't repeal the Indefinite Detention clause of the NDAA.
  • It won't change the policy of extra-judicial execution/assassination of citizens without due process.
  • It won't unsign the bill making it possible to detain protestors in the buildings under Secret Service supervision. 
  • It won't repeal the PATRIOT ACT or the myriad OTHER assaults on citizens' civil liberties.
  • It won't even necessarily change the political complexion of the SCROTUS (Dims COULD have prevented seating ALL FOUR of the Opus Deist wing, if they'd possessed even one single cojone among the whole feculent lot.
I'm TOTALLY okay with the fact that Rmoney was thwarted, and that that's the end of his political career. I'm glad the country rejected the cult leader and his Objectivist stooge.

But Remember: Sir Barry promised, during the campaign, to work HARDER to reach "compromises" with the GOPhux on matters that would "piss off his base? Get ready for all that great stuff he promised--cuts to education, Medicaid and Social Security, more drone attacks and bombings in the Middle East, more uncritical support for Israel, more poverty and mass incarceration, more attacks against labor unions and undocumented immigrants, etc., etc. 
Now the electoral dust is settling, there comes the usual, predictable rash of suggestions that our politics is too divisive, and that we need more "national unity."
So I have just a couple of questions for those holding those sentiments, who bemoan the "divisiveness" of politics and claim to want to see more "Unity":

Just exactly WHAT part of the GOPhux agenda would you be willing to cooperate with in the name of "unity"? What part of the Dim/Leftish agenda would you sacrifice?
Tell me what you decide, when I see you at the beach, chers...PAZ!

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