Monday, April 9, 2012

Citizen's Dispatch: "War on Women"? Really?

In which Y'r Ob'd't S'v't essay to unpack the deep significance of the apparently suicidal plunge by the GOPhux into Gender warfare.

In The Nation/blog, the other day, one could detect a hint of bewilderment as well as braggadocio (or it's 'feminine' cognate) in a piece which asks, almost incredulously, "Do the Republicans Think They Can Win Without Women?" It's by Carol Gilligan, a renowned feminist on the public and academic stages. She semi-smugly declares: "If they believe that in exercising control over women's reproductive functions, they will also control women's voices, they are wrong."

Well, of COURSE they're wrong. Duh! Doncha get it? They're COUNTING on being wrong. They're eager to drive women away. And Latinos, Blacks, and sane people.

The purpose of this campaign for the GOP is "pragmatically" ideological and monetary. It isn't to win the WhiteHouse. What they really want is to take the Senate and to hold the House. This is a table-setter, prep for two and four-years hence. Under its guise, the fuckloon Rightards blanket the land in overlapping layers of malodorous, feculent GOPhux bullshit; plus campaigning provides very accessible ways to financially reward loyal sponsors and adjuncts from the spoils of the campaign war-chests. It spreads the wealth, buys loyalty for the future. .

I cannot escape the almost fell certainty that the GOPhux' top owner/managers don't want to win, NOT this time... Just as in 2008, they didn't want it, at all. Too much baggage! By 2008, even WHITE people were disgusted with Bush-Cheney. The economy was dissolving before their eyes, on account of their policies. Unemployment was rampant, and getting worse. Health care costs were out of control. The real-estate bubble had burst, and was having a reaction in all its peripheral markets. People were losing their homes. Ruin was EVERYWHERE!

Worse, the USofA, which had long nourished its exceptionality with its increasingly delusional image by being the beacon to the world's oppressed peoples, had become an international pariah state, guilty of inflicting countless, cruel, undeserved casualties, death, and mayhem on nations and peoples which were not guilty of anything but of being unable to defend themselves against us.

That was then. It was too toxic. So they dropped Sarah Palin onto McCain's ticket and watched as it fluttered gaily out to sea and sank into the storms of economic collapse...

This is NOW, and if ANY of the clown-car leads the ticket, it's tantamount ot the same thing as the Palin nomination--other than RMoney, and his Mormonism will block his aspirations. The Owners/Oners still don't want even any NOMINAL responsibility. Not for the past, this time, but for what's gonna happen--for the NEXT four years, when the REAL "austerity program" sets in.

What? You thought it already HAD? Aren't you cute!

Bbbbbbaby, you ain't seen nuthin yet...The Dims and AFBP will officially preside over that capitalistic miracle. "New jobs" will pay pay scant and have crap benefits. So even if the "numbers" go up, quality of life won't. Can't.

And even at that, of the people who were dis-employed by the Bosses in the Great Recession--STILL more than 13 MILLION of them-- only a small fraction of them will EVER recover the same standard of living they once enjoyed--FYI, here in the US, depending on your age, only between one in five, if you're "older," and one in three, for "younger" workers.

Would you like fries with that McChemical, ma'am?

HOWEVER: the market is making money. The Dow was recently above 13 THOUSAND for the first time in several years. And the banks are awash in cash. The members of the interlocking directorates of ALL the nation and the WORLD's largest and wealthiest corporations are extremely pleased that Tiger Woods seems to be making a comeback, and re-invigorating the game. And there are at least TWO, new-generation derivative-style bubbles being grown even as we speak, to extract the next trillion or so from our collective pockets.

Verily, with St. Barry, the Spelunker, in charge, the duopoly is safely, immovably ensconced. The GOP will move back into Oval Office in 2016, when the Dims and AFBP have collared all the blame and obloquy for the "decline of the Empire,"...They'll then rally the troops with stertorous cries to restore THE USOFA to our former GLO-RAY!, and push BACK the barbarians clamoring at the gates. You want security, you shall have SE-CUR-I-TAY!

As long as the white majority survives, that "RECLAIM AMERICA'S PLACE rhetoric will keep 'em in power. They'll grow more and more indistinguishable totalitarian regimes of the past.

I doubt you or I will out-live it, though, hippies.

No matter how preservative is life down here at the beach...


  1. Agreed Woody but I actually think they have a chance at the white house. Didn't think so a while back but do now. After Nov the only speculation I've done is to say they will gain a few seats in the house and control the senate. And our supposed side thinks they're gonna kick ass again. No matter what we're fucked1

  2. Spot on Woody! What the Republicons wanted was Obama to be another Jimmy Carter to take all the blame for the colossal blunders and criminal acts of the Regime preceding. In Carter's case it was that slimy crook Nixon. In Barack Obama's case it's George W(orst President in History) Bush.

    They would then hold that in 2016 as in 1980 an empty headed perfectly coifed suit could be shoved into the White Hosue to shaft over the Middle and Working class and usher in an new era of Neo-Feudalism.

    And this is what we are facing. Government is not the problem. Republicans in government are the problem.