Monday, September 5, 2011

As The Cookie Crumbles (Vid): Trials

Good MORNING! Fellow Cookie Crumblers!

Of ALL the questions that dog "ThePrez," almost three years into his tenure, nne of the most persistent and vexing is this:

"WHY DIDN'T St. Barry prosecute bloody-handed, murderous, immoral miscreant/agents of the Bushevik regime for their freely admitted mal-and misfeasances in office?"

Many are perplexed by the seeming paradox of the Chimperor Bush and his organ-grinder pal, Dick Cheney, (among scores of OTHER malefactors from that regime) who are currently BOTH...NOT IN JAIL, And bragging in books and lectures of their criminal misdeeds, without any apparent fear of legal consequences.

Why DO these often admitted CRIMES go unrebuked and unpunished...

Good question! I am not a lawyer, but I can think of at least FOUR plausible--though far from compelling--reasons.

1) No precedent--Nobody'd ever done it before: Not what Bush had done, not what Obama was being ASKED to do. You have no idea how daunting that fact is.

...There were NO rules, no governing authorities, no laws, nothing.

Anmd then, of what would they be accused?

And what would be the implictions of such accusations, anyway?

That sort of thing makes lawyers, PARTICULARLY "Constitutional scholars," quite uneasy.

2) No "case"--Assuredly the defense would have argued as follows:
"Hey! There was a war going on! It was justified! The safety of the country was imperiled! There were terrorists in every airplane, train and bus. They were trying to DESTROY us. They hated us for our freedoms. It was an international jihad, with robed, fiercely mustachio'd, scimitar-wielding assassins at the very GATES of the city!
If the Busheviks pled "national emergency," they could've hidden the evidence and said they were acting in 'public interest'.

3) No "jury"--would convict 'em. Even getting past the defense arguments, remember more than 30% of people still approve what the GOPhux did. Thirty percent of a 12-person jury is 3.6 people. Between one-in-three and one-in-four of potential jurors would ALREADY bve predisposed to acquit. You only need ONE to nullify; and

4) No gutz: If he'd gone after them, the GOP'd have lynched Obummer after his term, whenEVER it ended. St. Barry's a pragmatist. He knows, as well as anybody else, that every President since Roosevelt has been the author of 'war-crimes.' Hell, the Ecru Crusader's ALREADY committed every crime Bush did, and then some, in AfPak, with his drones. The first HINT that St. Barry was aiming to bring the Busheviks to the bar of justice, the GOPhux long knives would have come out--as they may, in any case, regardless...

The Head Hippie has decided to postpone the Hippie News and Stuff til TUESDAY, to take his own leisure from the labors of assembling and editing and posting the program. BE SURE to tune in TUESDAY, around 4pm EDT, for the next Edition of "Hippie News and Stuff..."

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