Tuesday, September 6, 2011

WWH/As The Cookie Crumbles (9/6/11): Thanks

To all the Whos in Whoville, and all the Hippies in Hippievilles everywhere: Good Morning!

Sunday on The Book, another piece of Obama-fondling fodder made the rounds, this off Kos; like all others of that ilk, its author called out to the critical outliers of the 'professional left' who persist in ATTACKING their St. Barry from within, so to speak, to just STOP acting so durn SILLY, and bask in the panoply of wonders St. Barry Obama's DONE for you! In helpful categories. With hot-links and everything!

At the same time, folks were reacting pretty critically in my little corners of the universe to the news that, on Friday, the slowest news day of the year, ThePrez ordered the EPA to stop implementation of stricter air-quality regs for energy producers.

To me, that flagrant appeal for approval sounded like WE'RE supposed to be grateful HE'S doing just SOME of his job. It's not what bills he's signed that matters. That's only what the people who 'elected' him were entitled to expect.... A minimum...the LEAST he could do.

What matters, to me, anyway, is what he HASN'T done. It's the opposition he SHOULD have mounted, and didn't, or feigned and walked back from, as on the air quality regs, on Friday. (I've catalogued some items in the text below. Feel free to add your own.)

Now, purportedly, no small part of his "jobs" program will consist in things for which he does NOT require Congressional approval. (It goes to the People, on Sept 8-12, depending on the swell...)That was the brag last week, anyway. But that just leaves me breathless. What the FUCK! I mean, what the fuck, man...

IF these soon-to-be-announced expedients don't require Congressional approval NOW, I'm betting dollars to quatloos that they didn't require such approval, oh, say, LAST YEAR at this time, when as I recall, there was already a serious recession going on?

In fact, there was NOTHING to have prevented him implementing them in his first week of his tenure, was there? Naaah, he just didn't. This is Obomberama Puro!

Or how about a directive to ALL federally owned or managed buildings to simply paint their roofs white? It's not crazy. Here's a link. And here's a link for the "Precautionary Principle," too, while you're at it.

Such complaints may sound trivial, but to me it's emblematic of the things he COULD and SHOULD do, but avoids and/or ignores. It's "significant." I'm a semiotics guy. Signs matter. Those are signs, and not even particularly complicated ones.

So give me a farking BREAK with all the grateful encomiums. YER getting dicked-over, and you're THANKING him, lavishly, begging for MORE?
I understand you may feel you HAVE to vote for him.
At least have the decency to do so with regret.

And that's the way this cookie crumbles...have a day, hippies!

Note: We're all adults here. Adults don't get, or expect, praise for doing the right thing--or for NOT doing the wrong one. It's how it is.
The catalogue"
It's the WARS that he DIDN'T end (plus the new ones he approved).
And the CIA drones slaughtering people wholesale in Asia.
And the Super (Cat-Food) Commission.
And don't EVEN talk to me about "regulating the Banksters." That was Chris Dodd's retirement package.
His education "policy" --indeed his whole Cabinet-ful of Dis-Appointments-- is a sell-out to the globalist CorpoRats.
Feel free to add your own.

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