Saturday, September 10, 2011

WWH/ATCC (9/10/11)(w/vid): An "Ap-Paul-ing" Dream

Greetings Earthlings! and a glad "Klaatu barata nicto" all around, eh!

A correspondent in the UK asked me in all sincerity why, when there were 1) so many other, bigger targets around, and 2) so many other PROBLEMS than identifying the presumptive GOPhux Presidential candidate, did I focus my attention and bile on Ron Paul. I blame it on the American Dream: anyone can grow up to be President.

Of the whole, sorry lot of them--give the devil his due--Ron Paul probably is the only one with anything even approaching the necessary...ummm... "gravitus." He's the one who takes himself the most seriously, the one with the most pronounced faux-intellectual pretensions (and credentials), the most unctuously, righteously smarmy of them, with his blithely Ann-Randian --which is to say, predatory--'Libertarianism' camouflaging his abject obeisance to his CorpoRat masters.

And he's the one who seems to have the most appeal to disaffected "lefties," for some reason; mostly because of his "stands" on ending the USer wars both in Central Asia, and against marijuana.

However "ap-Pauling" he may appear from afar, if you're not an American, it is more difficult to realize that there is, in principle or practice, really NOTHING to prevent Ron Paul from being 'elected' President.

Ya gotta remember, in 2008, we 'elected' an unproven, untried, greenhorn, first-term, corn-state, mixed-race, rookie Senator with ambiguous political credentials, mainly on "appearances": he 1) was not a white Republican, and he 2) was expertly marketed in a campaign that led voters to believe that that, alone, would make a difference.

Before THAT, we TWICE elected a jovial, dim-witted, seemingly ILLITERATE, compliant sock-puppet and his psychopathic puppeteer to smilingly lead the country into wrack and ruin. They committed war crimes, robbed the treasury for their bankster buddies, flat-out STOLE two elections, engineered TWO "wars-of-choice," and when they were at last replaced, it was NOT to answer warrants and indictments, but to MILLION-DOLLAR book deals and speaking tours.

Then there was that luminously stupid, second-rate actor who started it all with his eight-year descent into gibbering idiocy during the 80s, whilst his thugs and gunsels set things up for the long term take-over.

It's the "American Dream" and it is truly terrifying, if you think about it:

Any-fucking-body CAN be "President."

So bully-ragging on Ron Paul is at least no less productive than heaping mockery, scorn and derision on any of the rest of the GOPhux Clown Car Candidates, and it may dissuade the unwary from undue admiration.

Which, finally, is all one really CAN do, unless it is--as HL Mencken once remarked, that any rational person must sometimes be tempted--"to spit on our hands, hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats." Ap-Paul-ing, innit?

Anyway that's how the cookie crumbles, today, chillun...See ya at the beach, hippies.

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