Monday, September 5, 2011

HN&S, 9/5/11: Matter

....Thanks Winston, and Aloha, grommets, from the sunny beaches of Albuquerque, NM...

Lotta folks have noticed the two-party system has some drawbacks.

What the two-party system guarantees is that EVERY election will be an exercise in denial, of rejection; of a populace, agrieved, shouting "NO! AWAY WITH YOU! You sodding awful charlatans, NO MORE!" And they vote to throw the bastids out, not caring over much in the heat of their disapproval about what is going to take their places, or of what depravities THE REPLACEMENTS could be capable.

I agree with those who believe that with McCain in the WhiteHouse, we’d never've heard a PEEP about cutting Social Security, or otherwise screwing with the safety-net, such as it is.

The GREEDY, OLEAGINOUS PERVERTS (the GOP) with the Chimperor at their head, tried that in ’04-05, after a SUCCESSFUL election season, and were still roundly beaten back by Dim MINORITIES in both Houses -- and by a massive PUBLIC outcry and resistance.

I've thought and said all along the GOP THREW the ’08 election. It was dead obvious when Palin went on the ticket. They were goin' under the bus...Which was tough on John McCain. "Bombin' Johnny," the jet pilot, was always a fusty ol' fart, but he's really got stupid mean since 2008. He DESPERATELY WANTED to be President, and surpass his father's military accomplishments: President outranks Admiral.

As to the coming election, I think The GOPhux probably throw this one, too. There is no candidate in their Clown Car who is worth the effort and expense of stealing it for.

BUT: In Twenty-Sixteen, with the blame for all the troubles of the previous (by then) FORTY years, including the FIRST REALLY OBVIOUS EVIDENCE OF THE DECLINE OF THE AMERICAN EMPIRE, once and for all firmly affixed to the shoulders of America’s “first Black” president and his “party” of "the Losers," the GOP'll swoop back in with Bush/Cheney, redivivus!

JEB Bush and LIZ Cheney: Slogan "Bush/Cheney -- Together AGAIN!" Now THAT could revive irony.

It's all about what Gregory Bateson called "differences that make a difference." The thing to remember is Obama was ‘elected’ principally because he was NOT a "white, male Republican,” and because of a genius "branding" campaign that skillfully made it SEEM that THAT actually mattered.

(Freudian Aside: Do ALL these people have "father" issues? O's a fatherless child, W was either 1) avenging or 2) out-doing his father (or BOTH)...The Clenis was fatherless, too. McCain's father was a highly decorated Admiral ( an Arabic word, fyi ). GHWBush's daddy was a Nazi. The fruit falleth not far from the tree, and all that? It might be a useful thing to do to examine candidates for president in light of their relations with their parents. Just sayin.)

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