Monday, September 26, 2011

WWH ~~ Hippie News & Stuff, Sept. 26, 2011: Vetted!

WWH ~~ Hippie News & Stuff, Sept. 26, 2011

Perhaps history will record that the most "tragic" part of the election and Presidency of St. Barry, the Compromiser, is that so MANY people apparently believed that the melanin quotient in the fellow's skin would/should/could? actually make any functional or material DIFFERENCE. It was strangely totemic reaction, for a 'civilized society,' as if the "coming of the Black President" forebode rare, triumphant, even miraculous events--PEACE!, or JUSTICE!, or something the return of the White Buffalo, or birth of a Red Calf.

This puzzled me from the start: HOW, I pondered, could nominally reasonable, normally intelligent, functioning, responsible, adult people--with jobs, children, mortgages, and other such trappings of maturity--how could such folks REALLY THINK that the OWNERS of the country

--The oligarchs, plutocrats, aristos who were the grist for George Carlin's comic ouevre in the last five or ten years of his life--

would ever turn the actual MANAGEMENT of THEIR "property,"--the COUNTRY and all it's inhabitants-- or the system of its administration --the Executive Department, in this case, the most ICONIC branch--

...over to somebody--to ANYBODY--who wasn't utterly, totally, completely, thoroughly, exhaustively vetted and trustworthy?

Do you REALLY think that someone who posed even the tiniest, remotest, slightest, slimmest, faintest, glimmering scintilla of a CHANCE of undoing the least jot or tittle of their immensely profitable, unimaginably powerful status quo would be permitted to be elected to that position?

No. That's preposterous! Who could believe such a thing? The status quo would have to be absolutely safe in the hands of ANYONE in that Office.

Ergo--in the sense, "cogito, ergo sum!"--St. Barry had already, long before 2008-09, to have faithfully demonstrated to the relevant screeners that he neither would, nor even REMOTELY wanted to--that, indeed, it had actually NEVER CROSSED HIS MIND--to jostle, far less to UPSET, any hegemonic applecarts, or otherwise in any way disturb the Owners in their well-earned enjoyment of the spoils of the good fortune of their birth.

Just sayin...See ya at the beach, Hippies

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