Friday, September 9, 2011

WWH~~ As The Cookie Crumbles (9/9/11): Resentment

To all the ships at sea, and to Hippies in their happy hippievilles everywhere!!!

As the cookie crumbles today, with the apparent defection of Cornell West and Tavis Smiley, a breech seems to have developed in the Obamster's Black base, as on one hand, less informed and/or less engaged voters increasingly become disappointed that, Obama hasn't "done" anything especially or recognizably "for" the Black community; meanwhile the intelligentsia notice that "ThePrez" is pursuing policies which are NOT really even very much those of a "Democrat," much less of a "Black" Democrat in the WhiteHouse...

It is probably an unfortunate, uncomfortable fact that just about the ONLY way in which Obamster's 'election' actually ever "mattered" was "symbolically." As a practical matter, there was NEVER a moment when he would have been able to redress specific problems within "minority" communities as their advocates. No, really.

Even under the most benign circumstances (which these weren't), he'd nevertheless have been effectively forbidden by the quite real fear of a backlash from authoring or authorizing ANY measures which could be perceived to grant "privileges" to "his people." He had--understandably, or not--no taste for being called out by Rush and the Ditto-heads for "favoring HIS people" against "the rest of America..." Which is what the charge would have been.

That's actually why "Obama-care" got the reception it did, from the Tea-hadists.

Them folks operate on a very high level of resentment at the "loss" of their (previously socially endorsed) "superiority" over those they regard as their racial "inferiors," such that they are apparently willing to endure a minor loss to their own over-all well-being, as long as by doing so, they can deprive those whom they detest of ANY of part of it at all...

It is for this reason that the brigades of Hover-round harriers are willing to see Medicare crash, and Obama-care fail, even if both would be detrimental to their overall well-being:

I think it is because there is an "unacceptable" amount of egalitarianism embedded in universal health care, for instance, by virtue of which EVERYBODY gets treated the same way. The rabid tea-hadist sensibility resists being in even the same system with "those" people. I believe they think themselves diminished by having to accept the same care from the same providers in the same facilities as those whom the do NOT regard as their equals...

Yeah, it's pretty stupid.

And that the way the cookie crumbles, hippies...See ya at the beach!

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