Monday, September 12, 2011

WWH/HN&S (9/12/11): Forget It...

Thanks Winston, ...Yo, Bugs, Glad you asked...

I dunno about all y'all, but I did my level BEST to ignore all the memorial hoopla, and the attendant predictable maelstrom of prefabricated jingoistic fury. I really did. But you couldn't change channels fast enough: out of NOWHERE, BAM! there it was.

It's like picking at a scab, or unhealed stitches.
If, by endlessly probing 'the wound,' we were 'draining the poison,' or resetting the break, it might be different.
If it stirred us to examine what WE--the USofA-- had done to bring on such an attack, it might be different.
If we took from it the obvious lessons about neo-colonialism, and neo-liberal, imperialistic over-reach, we might be forgiven these bathetic forays into national masochism.
Any public "anniversary," whatever the number or event commemorated, is a pseudo-event, an exercise in propaganda existing only to provide media with more fodder. If you did watch, didja count the commercials???

The Owners can and will continue to play this like "A Wonderful Life," or a lost Elvis concert...year after yer after year after year...

Meanwhile "WE," US, the USofA, unrepentant, continue on the same bloody, Imperialistic path that brought us here in the first place.

Remind me again: Why are "WE" bombing the shit out of brown people on the whole OTHER side of the world, who haven't done any harm us, and had NOTHING to do with the offense for which we are allegedly still 'punishing? them'

For perspective: Proportionally, there are MANY more Panamanians whose relatives and/or loved ones were killed by the USer invasion to overthrow Noriega than there are Americans who suffered such loss on 9/11/01.

AND more than a MILLION Iraqis have died DIRECTLY in consequence of the illegal, unjust, unjustified, unjustifiable, immoral, criminal, murderous USer invasion of their country.

That's between 4 and 5 percent of the population killed. In a country which had nothing AT ALL to do with the "attack" that was framed as the "casus belli..." To kill that proportion among US, it would mean more than 15 MILLION dead.

There is a class of epistemic events properly named "BULL_SHIT" and this is a prime example. I had to turn my back on all the creepy, pious, solemn, empty moralizing and sermonizing, all that it accompanied (and implied)! No mas!

The whole repetitive spectacle--from the 'memorial plaza' and the construction thereof, to the endless repetitions of the tragic footage, to the ceremonies marking the remembrances of the perished; and I grieve for them, too--to me positively REEKED of banal, mawkish, maudlin self-absorption...

At which, it must be said, we "Murkins" probably ARE STILL Number One!

Thanks for your attention, Hippies. See ya at the beach... and back to you, in Hippie Central, Winston...

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